Educational IT Solutions Expo is none other than Japan's largest industry trade show. Hosted in Tokyo, it hosts the top IT service providers, electronics manufactures and content providers who want to expand their business in the Japanese education field. Be sure to check out the splendid stands that have all the products you need to see.

Edix Educational It Solutions Tokyo Entrance

These stands are filled from side to side with great backdrops and designs, easy to reach out and discover new material. Over 600 exhibitors will be all under same roof to showcase their top products which are varied and full of the latest novelties. This is a huge event as there are plenty of national and international exhibitors who come to expand their business in the Japanese education sector.

If you are interested in booking a stand, let us know and we will send you on the right path. By contacting with our specialists, you will be presented with the top five most ideal stand designers and builders in the area. This is the right expo for you.

You will be able to find jewelery, optical eye wear, publishing, electronics, information technology and a few other key subjects. EIS Expo is guided by all sorts of experts. There will be interactive seminars and technology related workshops where the visitors can meet industry experts and get knowledge about various aspects of IT business. No matter where you look, this is a key expo for you and your future.