DIHAD aim is to contribute to the further enhancement of the humanitarian and development assistance. These goals consist in building bridges between different actors and countries from around the globe, all of which are engaged in addressing the needs of those affected by crises, disasters or the adverse effects of under-development.

Dihad Dubai Stand

At the same time, DIHAD thrives to provide a meeting place where assistance providers can talk with up close with relevant activist from corporate and governmental sectors that can provide further help. If you are interested in showing the best of your organization, book your stand through their web page.

Then, contact us and we will show you the best stand designers in the area, free of cost. You will show your products in the best way possible. Being known for the leading humanitarian event in this region, it is attended by key decision makers, procurement and logistics officials who work at NGO's from all around the world.

It has turned into a strategic stage to have these specific meetings with relief agencies, NGOs, donors and procurers. Come to this annual event to gain a competitive advantage for your organization, set up supply channels, network effectively and talk to existing suppliers and agents. There are many more reasons to be a part of DIHAD.