Didacta 2025

Stuttgarter Messe Und , Messepiazza 1
Stuttgart (DE)

Didacta: the trade show

Didacta is the largest trade show in the world specialized in the formation and education. The show takes place every year since 1951  in a different german city. It's dedicated to the teachers and educators, and other experts of the pedagogical sector.

The exhibitors present didactic resources, equipment for formation centres, auditive and visual technology, sport items, etc. Didacta also offers conferences, workshops and discussions. The trade show invites to find out the new tendencies, exchange and discuss opinions in relation to the formation and education.

Didacta editions

Didacta 2025 From to Stuttgarter Messe Und
Didacta 2023 From to Messe Stuttgart
Didacta 2021 From to Messe Stuttgart
Didacta 2018 From to Deutsche Messe AG Hannover

Didacta, one of the largest fairs of the Education sector in Europe

Hanover is the main city to in this year if you want to participate in one of the largest fairs of the Education sector in Europe. Celebrated at different venues each year, Didacta is the leading trade show for the many different areas involving education. An extensive program that consists of 1,500 lectures, workshops and discussions which attract 80,000 visitors during the five day event. Presenting your brand here will give you unlimited business deals, bring you a large number of decision-makers and politicians and about 70% of visitors with concrete purchasing plans.

Didacta Exhibition

There is no other trade show that ranks up this amount of professionals under one roof. Divided into various areas, all on-topic and well-organized, from early childhood to vocational training and including various education organizations. It also wants to attract constant attention to the development in the educational and pedagogical sector in Germany. You will find real in-depth exchanges with a broad variety of educational institutions.

Talk to teachers, educators, trainers, educational staff and powerful representatives from politics, business, science and society. Enroll in this successful event and book a space today. Talk to us with your design ideas and we will find you the best stand designers and builders that fit your needs. We want to help you shine at Didacta.