CPhI South East Asia 2024

QSNCC Queen Sirikit National Convention Center , Ratchadaphisek Road 60
Bangkok (TH)

CPhI South East Asia: the trade show

Expand your professional network in the ASEAN pharma market at CPhI South East Asia, where you will meet key decision makers and business partners who can help you capitalise on opportunities presented in this dynamic, growing market. Exclusive pharmaceutical industry focus, high-quality visitors and organised by a highly reputable exhibition organiser with proven expertise worldwide. At CPhI South East Asia we enable you to discover potential new partners, meet existing partners, witness the latest industry trends, all of this still with our 100% pharma focus.

April 2015 Edition:

By exhibiting at CPhI South East Asia your brand will be made visible to over 5,500 attendees and 260 other exhibitors all in one place. Your business will also be visible to over 500 unique visitors per month on our website on the CPhI South East Asia Exhibitor List. Beyond this, CPhI South East Asia offers sponsorship opportunities designed specifically to increase your brand awareness at the event and drive business to your stand. Whether you're launching new products, announcing new partnerships, presenting innovations, etc., having your products and services present for visitors to see first-hand allows for much more convincing face-to-face engagement through meetings and presentations. With CPhI's 25 years of experience at organising events for the pharmaceuticals industry, you can be assured that this face-to-face engagement will take place in the optimum environment.

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CPhI South East Asia editions

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We assist you in finding the best stand builders in the area for you exhibition at CPhI South East Asia

As the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) focuses on making South East Asia a more prosperous and important player in the world market, it has worked to host events such as CPhI Asia, a pharmaceutical trade show in the area that will demonstrate SEA’s efforts to improve its economy.

With 260 top exhibitors attending the event, CPhI Asia showcases the latest industry trends of the pharmaceutical sector. Additionally, SEA actually has one of the most progressive growing pharmaceutical markets in the world. Thus, it is no surprise that over 5,500 visitors from around the world attend the event, ready to network with the exhibitors and participants of the fair. The value of meeting with key potential clients face-to-face is extremely important, and in networking with these buyers in person, it will grant your brand a lot more credibility and exposure.

Cphi Asia Stand

Additionally, CPhI Asia will host different seminars that will give you the opportunity to speak with senior executives and speakers from different parts of the pharmaceutical industry. At the seminars, you will learn more about drug development, new strategies for manufacturing pharmaceutical products, and network with the business professionals part of the market segment.

As the SEA region continues to improve and expand, CPhI Asia is an excellent place for your company to showcase its innovative pharmaceutical products and services. Get ahead of the game and join the event to increase your brand’s awareness by booking a stand today. nEventum is here to assist you in finding the best stand builders in the area, ensuring you the utmost success at the fair.

CPhI South East Asia, the best venue to discuss new market trends!

The pharma industry has an annual meeting at CPhI South East Asia, the best chance to do business in a booming and expanding market as well as keeping up to date about the latest trends, news and topics. We have been talking with the organizers to ask them about the novelties of the Show, and about some useful tips for companies exhibiting in Jakarta for the first time... If this is your case, don't miss any detail.

CPhI celebrates several editions all around the world focusing on the pharma industry. What represents CPhI South East Asia to the annual calendar of the industry in the region?

CPhI South East Asia was launched in 2012 as an addition to the worldwide portfolio pharmaceutical ingredients event. This year it is being held in Jakarta, Indonesia, the fourth-largest populated country in the world, with a large and gradually ageing population.

A greater need for all categories of medicine, particularly generic drugs, has recently propagated in Indonesia with the introduction of a new universal healthcare system from the government. But the flourishing market is not restricted to Indonesia; the entirety of the South East Asian market is expected to continue to mature and grow in the next few years, especially Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

There are new opportunities for manufacturers/CMOS/pharma companies to branch into the South East Asian market as it continues to develop and mature. CPhI South East Asia will host a wide range of networking opportunities to expand business in the market including dedicated forums, innovation tours, seminars, and more. Given that CPhI South East Asia will be held within the largest economy in South East Asia, it is vital that any company wanting to explore and strengthen their position in this market attend CPhI South East Asia.

Cphi South East Asia Exhibition Area

What are the highlights (novelties) for the next edition, to be held on April?

One highlight of this year’s event is the Innovation Gallery, showcasing the most innovative and revolutionary products within the pharma market. The gallery is situated in the middle of the event for easy access and visibility.

Additionally, the Business Matchmaking Programme returns once again. This is a complimentary service for all attendees to pre-arrange meetings with buyers and suppliers. It helps visitors and exhibitors find the companies that best match their business needs.

Furthermore, there is the P-MEC Route, a dedicated daily tour guide for attendees to have a one-to-one presentation of exhibitors’ latest developments in pharmaceutical machinery and technology.

Can you give some tips to those companies exhibiting for the first time in Jakarta? (Some rules of the venue, customs of the country, protocol...)

Attendees tend to flock to busier and lively stands. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance for exhibitors to design their displays in an appealing and interactive way for attendees to participate with, perhaps by including on-stand demonstrations, videos, easily accessible literature, and even onsite drinks, canapés and talks. Should there be downtime, exhibitors should actively seek other attendees to visit their display.

Some more practical tips involve attire: remain professional, so no shorts, no slippers/flip-flops and informal clothes but comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

Cphi South East Asia

Who can - or who must - attend the Show?

The event is open to anyone involved in pharma ingredients, pharmaceutical machinery and technology, pharma packaging, contract manufacturing and services, and healthy ingredients.

Give us at least three reasons to don't miss CPhI South East Asia – focus on why they need to go/ what it is an unmissable opportunity as businessmen/pharma people

  1. CPhI South East Asia 2016 will co-locate with P-MEC, InnoPack, ICSE and Hi South East Asia. This is the first time that both ICSE and Hi South East Asia will co-locate with these events, which creates an opportunity that any business leader in regional pharma will not want to miss. These events provide an opportunity collectively greater than the sum of their parts.
  2. The recent implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community will allow for an increased opportunity for trade and commerce within South East Asia, and as healthcare has been identified as a key sector for this to effect, there is a very high potential for international pharma companies to enter the South East Asian pharmaceutical market.
  3. Indonesia imports over 95% of the pharmaceutical ingredients it uses and this number continue to increase. The first half of 2015 saw the value of imports rise 17%, to USD 296 million. International participation in this market is vital to Indonesia’s growing economy, and CPhI South East Asia is the best venue to discuss new market trends and showcase new innovations.

Finally, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

CPhI noted a significant influx of foreign companies seeking new business and partnerships within the region; 231 companies, from 64 different countries exhibited at the three-day event as well as 3056 visitors.