China Pet Fair has become the best platform to promote, share and learning all the novelties and trends in pet industry. Supported by well known enterprises, the International Fair will open its doors again on March 2016 (18-20) and during three days will show thousands of new products by specialized brands. If you want to be one of those brands or you simply want to visit CPF's next edition don't miss what the organisers told us about the show and the benefits of participate.

China Internationa Pet Industry Fair Exhibition Area

Describe briefly what is CPF (China Pet Industry Fair)

CPF is a market-oriented pet industry professional exhibition which provides service for global pet products merchants. Based in Guangzhou, CPF takes full advantage of its geographic and economic strength of Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, providing an excellent platform for the development of circulation, trade, technology, resources and information of pet products, creating a multi-win situation. Moreover, as China’s first exhibit platform created for pet industry , CPF utilizes the power of authoritative media and industry associations, subjected exhibitors directly access to distributors and consumer groups.

Cpf China In Guangzhou

Can you give us some reasons for attending CPF?

  1. As one of the three pet exhibitions in China, CPF enjoys a lot of exhibiting brands and its successful holding has made it an inherent part of promoting brands, new products and modes, thousands of new products and press launches lead to new industrial fashion!
  2. CPF has attracted tens of thousands of famous distributors, pet shops, hospitals, aims at providing a more accurate and convenient platform for products entering into China for domestic partners.
  3. Sponsored by authoritative provincial media “Yangcheng Evening News”, CPF will show excellent new pet products with lots of domestic famous media.
  4. CPF will customize new product release conferences and provide one-stop service in venue, professional distributors and media invitation, showing brands in a quick and convenient way.

Exhibit At China Internationa Pet Industry Fair

What are the benefits CPF will bring to Guangzhou

As an annual pet industry event, CPF will improve the level of pet shops in South China, broaden the horizon of pet owners and form better atmosphere for keeping pets.

China Internationa Pet Industry Fair

Exhibition Scope

  • Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan brands
  • International brands
  • High-end pet brands On-sale pet products
  • Living pets
  • Pet care
  • Pet food: staple food, snacks, food additives, food processing machinery, food packing, etc;
  • Pet Supplies: costume, beds, cages, toys, make-up, care and toiletries, instruction supplies, etc;
  • Living pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, chinchilla,marten, birds, lizards, etc;
  • Pet care: pet hospital equipment, surgical instruments, pet medicine, biologicals, health feedstuffs, prescribing feedstuffs, test strips, reagent, etc.

Cpf China 2015

Review of last edition

Covering an exhibition area of 18,000m2, CPF2015 had attracted over 180 exhibitors at home and abroad, displayed over 1,000 pet brands during the three days.

Moreover, 12,130 professional visitors and 20,600 common visitors were received, 70% of the exhibitors were satisfied with CPF2015 and they had participated for several sessions. 80% of the distributors thought highly of CPF2015 for that it provided an extremely convenient platform for their products purchasing. Additionally, pet lovers were also happy and expected to such a large pet industry exhibition held in South China.