What are the highlights of China Guangzhou International Heating Element Exhibition next edition?

After serious consideration, this year, the Committee has added industrial pipe exhibition area to GEHE2016 in order to meet market demands. More efforts have been put into inviting industrial pipe manufacturing companies and this piece of news has also been released through varied media. This decision will add more diversity to our exhibits and the needs of our visitors will be catered to more comprehensively.

Concurrent events, such as Opening Ceremony of GEHE2016, Electric Heating Industry World Forum 2016, Award Ceremony 2016, etc, are scheduled to be held as information and communication platforms for our attendees and issues about the development of electric heating industry will be discussed in depth. Our current events will give you access to the latest information about the Chinese and international market.

Give us some reasons to don't miss the show.

By means of a phone call, fax, email, messages and other channels, we have delivered our invitations to numerous overseas professionals in related fields. Moreover, a powerful promotional campaign has been launched via magazines and network, including Appliance Magazine, Industrial Heating Magazine, Electronic design.com, Electronics Weekly.com, etc. It is believed that GEHE2016 will be a gateway for Chinese brands to enter the international market and for overseas enterprises to penetrate into China’s market.

Finally, give us some participation results from the last edition

Our new exhibitors this year are mainly Industrial heater suppliers.

  • Last year, we have around 11,000 visitors and 130 exhibitors.