CBME China 2022

NECC National Exhibition and Convention Center , Laigang Road
Shanghai (CN)

CBME China: the trade show

Held annually in Shanghai, CBME China is the world’s largest sourcing event for baby, child and maternity products. This is the perfect venue for you to meet buyers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the industry.

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CBME: the world’s largest trade fair for child, baby and maternity products & services

It's finally here the biggest exhibition of children, baby and maternity goods in China (CBME). We have the pleasure to bring you an interview with Mr. Luis Euan CBME Overseas Sales Director. He is going to tell us all we need to Know about the event and more. CBME will be held NECC Shangai, between the 25 and 27 of July.

The fair presents a B2B Networking Platform. Could you explain about it? (optional question)

CBME China is the world’s largest B2B trade fair for child, baby and maternity products & services. This unique trade event will feature over 4,300 brands from 2,900 from all over the world in 266,548 sqm exhibition space covering all sectors of the baby products industry. It is expected to attract more than 90,000 trade visitors and has been highly praised by both exhibitors and visitors as an effective trade platform for the industry. CBME China is more than a trade fair. This is where local and international brands, distributors, retailers and other key players of the industry come together every year to renew business connections and find new contacts. It’s now part of their annual business calendar.  

What are the latest trends in the child baby maternity products and services Industry? Will these trends be exhibit also in the fair?

China’s baby products industry is developing rather quickly. New-generation parents are more tech savvy and their needs and consumption behavior have changed with times. The past few years, we have seen the demand for snacks – healthy and snacks like yogurt, cheese and more. So, in our food category, we have added “snacks” and recently added “nutrition” to cover health supplements and more.

The past years, we have seen other trends like mom’s health and beauty services, fine food, outdoor play and education, more connected home / electronics and appliances and more. So in CBME China 2018, you can find them in different zones within the fair like Global OEM/ ODM Zone, Cool Kids Fashion Shanghai, Fabulous Mom Zone, Fine Food Zone, Outdoor Recreation and Sports Zone, Fun Learning Zone and Smart Home Zone. Also, OEM/ODM has always been a demand in the market. So all our exhibitors who can take on OEM/ODM orders will have a special signage at the booth to help our visitors easily identify them.  

What news have you prepared for the 2018 edition? What are the highlights?

More and more brands from overseas are joining CBME China. Newer brands entering the market can be found in the International Pavilions in Hall 4.1. In 2018, 14 Pavilions will feature 649 brands from 434 exhibitors brands from Australia, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, North America, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom. You can find them in the INTERNATIONAL PAVILIONS. 

Another highlight is the OEM exhibitors. At CBME China, we have1766 OEM companies participating. Brand owners, retailers and even distributors from the region are looking for OEM/ ODM companies from all over the world to help produce and/ or design new products. Find factories who can manufacture your products based on your sourcing requirements. Aside from China OEM/ODM companies, we have the Global OEM/ODM Zones you can find manufacturers from overseas in this zone.

Other event highlights include CBME AWARDS Gallery (including Innovative Products Gallery), Cool Kids Fashion, Kids Fashion Design Contest, Kids Fashion Shows, CBME Product Design Contest / Gallery, Private Buyer Meetings, Industry Summits, and more. 

What are the advantages of exhibiting at CBME China 2018?

CBME China is largest child, baby and maternity products & services B2B trade fair in the world. Exhibitors can meet over 90,000 professional business partners looking for their products & services. At CBME China, you can meet old customers and renew business relationships, find new business contacts and understand their sales requirements.

This is where baby products companies and brands can showcase their latest innovations, build your brand and increase mind share in China and the region. We also offer value-add services like business matching sessions for all exhibitors. They can have scheduled one-to-one meetings with your preferred buyers through our business matching service.

Can you give us some tips to take the best out of visiting this event?

CBME China 2018 will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC), so we recommend visitors to book hotels nearby to save time and effort. As a registered attendee, you can access the fair immediately and skip the queues at registration. Visitor can access discounted flights and hotels. Since there are over 266,000 sqm of exhibition space and almost 3,000 exhibitors participating, we recommend visitors to do their homework and prepare for the fair.

They can download the CBME English APP or visit the resource center in our official page to download the exhibitor list and floor plans. They can do their research in advance and they can set meetings in advance with exhibitors save time. 

To ensure our visitors have the best experience at the fair, we offer free shuttle bus service between airport and venue, and from selected hotels to/from venue. 

How to apply to exhibit or attend?

CBME China is a professional exhibition that upholds the highest quality standards. It only features certified products and also adheres to intellectual property guidelines and laws. For potential exhibitors, they can fill up the exhibitor application form found in our website. 

Admission to CBME China 2018 is free to all trade visitors. Register at our official web to skip the queues at the fair.

Lastly, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

CBME China 2018 has been highly praised by both exhibitors and visitors as an effective trade platform for the industry. 

Feedback from visitor CBME China is the industry’s most influential trade fair for child, baby and maternity products and services. One can learn about the industry’s development and trends at the trade fair. CBME China provides a great platform for retailers and manufacturers to collaborate. Retailers can learn about the latest baby products from manufacturers, and manufacturers can obtain direct feedback from retailers. This is an important factor to facilitate industry development.

Feedback from exhibitor CBME China is the China's leading trade fair for child, baby and maternity products and services industry. They can leverage CBME China as the great platform to efficiently engage with retailers, distributors, and other channels to promote their brands. They have gained many qualified sales leads, and the orders on-site. They are extremely satisfied with the result of CBME China.