AWEA WINDPOWER Expo is the national trade fair for the U.S. wind industry. It promotes wind energy as a clean source of electricity for all consumers. Each year, this event brings in thousands of trade visitors and hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world. It brings even more energy professionals than before looking both for solutions to better the wind industry and for future business partners, leading them to make the right choices for their companies and projects.

Awea Windpower Expo Booth

WINDPOWER exhibitors are the highest business-makers, ranging from marketing representatives to CEO's. Everyone in the wind sector is well-invited to join the biggest event of the year. There are specialized meetings that are designed to maximize the effectiveness in planning the exhibits. From exclusive lunches, to official show organizers to solve your every need and tours of the city, you have a great deal of reasons to join.

Awea Windpower Expo

This Expo offers unique networking events and a way to begin casual interactions with fellow colleagues, clients and management. It gives you the chance to broadcast your brand to industry buyers, technical experts and market suppliers. This type of publicity is valued by many companies that want to boost their credibility as market leaders.

Awea Windpower Expo Exhibition Stand

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