Autopromotec 2025

Fiera di Bologna , Viale della Fiera 20
Bologna (IT)

Autopromotec: the trade show

  At Autopromotec the automotive sector you will experience the following exhibits


  • Systems, equipment and materials for repair shops, car bodies, electricity, auto-dealer, service stations, car wash, specialized centers for care reparation and transport.
  •   Machinery, equipment and products for sale, servicing and repair of tires.
  • Machinery and equipment, and printing materials for the rebuilding of tires
  •  Machinery and equipment for the revision of vehicles
  • Trade, components
  • Car Services

Autopromotec editions

Autopromotec 2025 From to Fiera di Bologna
Autopromotec 2022 From to Fiera di Bologna
Autopromotec 2019 From to Fiera di Bologna
Autopromotec 2017 From to Bologna Fiere

Quality, Innovation and internationalization, the key elements of Autopromotec

On May 22th from 26th, Bologna will be the house of the Autopromotec which is going to be hosting people from all over the world and exhibiting the latest innovations in automotive.

What novelties have you prepared for this 2019 edition?

Every edition has a central theme that helps repair professionals identify market trends in order to navigate with greater awareness through the products and services that will soon become indispensable within their businesses. 2017 spotlight was on workshop repair of the future with Workshop 4.0, a topic illustrated by top automotive experts as well as a spectacular virtual representation of tomorrow's car and service. This initiative, developed in collaboration with Accenture, was very popular, all the presentation sessions being "sold out" during the entire fair.
For this year edition, we are preparing some tidbits that will be soon unveiled, but for we can say that the passion for Motorsport that flows in Emilia-Romagna, region where we are based and called "Land of Motors", will find an appropriate representation at Autopromotec.

The event presents a multifaceted programme with workshops at Autopromotec and special events. Which of the activities do you think are a must for the visitor or which of them do you highlight?

Also for this edition, with AutopromotecEDU, the great arena of exchange and debate on the most current issues related to the automotive after-sales, Autopromotec not only provides a showcase of products and services, but also a time of training and information for the entire sector thanks to insights into the most important aspects of the aftermarket. AutopromotecEDU's calendar is packed with interesting conferences that will involve renowned representatives of the aftermarket, with the aim of giving all participants ideas to optimise, innovate and grow their business.

In 2017 edition was over 90 events during the five-day exhibition, involving 2,900 professionals in the industry.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at Autopromotec?

Autopromotec is worldwide famous thanks to three sectors:

  • The best workshop tools available on the market:
    The automotive equipment sector makes Autopromotec the international benchmark for the automotive aftermarket industry, thanks to the high number of companies gathered in one of the most important venues at a global level. It is a show within the show, featuring the world’s leading suppliers of automotive services, an innovation hub serving mechatronics, mechanics and tire specialists, workshops, body shops, car dealers, service stations, car washes, auto repair centers.
  • The wheel & Co.: tires and tire equipment:
    New and retreaded tires, wheels, equipment and products for tire sales, maintenance, testing, and repair, in addition to the whole tire retreading industry: machines, equipment, molds and materials. For each of these products, Autopromotec presents the best samples available worldwide in terms of quality, research and innovation, thanks to the presence of major manufacturers and highly specialized sector professionals.
  • Spare parts and car service: technological excellence on the show:
    The strongest innovation drive comes from the auto components industry, as witnessed by the traffic flow registered in halls devoted to spare parts, car components and car service: this sector has become a strong complement to other sectors, and the exhibition now embraces every element of the automotive aftermarket industry.

Edition by edition, the Autopromotec exhibitors have been paving the way to the future.

Can you give some tips for those exhibiting for the first time in Bologna and specifically at Autopromotec? 

Autopromotec welcomes exhibitors in Bologna Fair District. The show combines a long tradition, a technological soul, a great passion for motors, and thanks also to the places hosting it: Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region, known worldwide as the "Motor Valley", home to car and motorcycle manufacturers that made history through the technological contribution of the industries allied to car and motorcycle manufacturing.
Exhibiting space for 2019 edition is quite limited, you can contact Autopromotoec Show Office at in order to check the latest space proposals.

Can anybody attend Autopromotec 2019? How to register?

Autopromotec is a B2B fair, entrance is for trade operators only. Free entrance prior registration to website.

What is the exhibitor profile?

Autopromotec is considered the main European, trade show gathering all automotive aftermarket product groups under one roof: from tires to car service, from workshop equipment to spare parts.
Product innovations and industrial excellence, cutting-edge technologies and market opportunities, high-level conventions and B2B meetings draw manufacturers and professional operators from all over the world to a venue designed to create globally oriented networks, boost business growth and collect important strategic inputs.

What is the visitor profile?

Autopromotec is a B2B trade show drawing trade operators and buyers from all over the world, due to the presence of highly qualified exhibitors. Visitors to Autopromotec meet only manufacturing companies (who historically choose Bologna to launch their new products) or their authorized dealers, while exhibitors, in turn, meet only trade professionals.

Can you give us some participation results from the last edition? How many visitors attend? from how many different nationalities were present?

Autopromotec, year to year, showed growth both in the presence of exhibitors and visitors, reaching new record numbers. In the last edition (2017) Autopromotec hosted 113,616 professional visitors, of which 14% were international, for a total of 53 countries represented at Autopromotec 2017.
The most represented countries were China, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Poland, United States, France, Netherlands and Turkey
Particularly worthy of note is the more than 14% increase in international professional visitors compared to the previous edition, placing the exhibition even more at centre stage in the automotive aftermarket, the main European trade event in 2017 and ready to take new leaps forward in terms of planning, also considering the positive comments recorded in the customer analysis that was performed at the end of the trade show.
As always, the guidelines that orient Autopromotec's mission have set the course for all future activities: encourage the introduction of new products, embrace technological innovation, allow professionals and operators to meet directly with manufacturers, stimulate opportunities for internationalisation.

Lastly, regarding the exhibitor, how many stand exhibitors participate in the last edition? In total how many different countries where participating?

The previous edition of Autopromotec saw the participation of 1,599 exhibitors (plus 58 represented brands): the share of foreign companies present is 42%, for a total of 53 countries represented (6 more countries over 2015). After Italy, with 962 companies that have chosen the event as a showcase for their products and services, the nations with the largest number of exhibitors are China, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Poland, USA, France and the Netherlands. The significant increase in the number of exhibiting companies has led to the expansion of certain sectors and the consequent extension of the total area occupied by the event.