How do I apply to exhibit or attend?

The participant who wants to attend the Congress has to compile the form on the official website.

The company instead can send an email to the Organisational Secretariat will provide all the information to be an Amici di Bragg's and Exponential's Sponsor.

Why do visitors come to Amici di Brugg?

Because for over 60 years, Amici di Brugg has made culture throughout Italy, with programs based on solid scientific evidence and giving, at the same time, practical advice that can be implemented and used in everyday clinical practice in the participants’ laboratories.

Lastly, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

Last year the Congress took place in Stresa, a historical place was Amici di Brugg grew up with members during the years with significant participants and sponsor companies attendance. Last year we did great but this year we want to do better!