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XII Feria del Gallo Ornamental 2019

  • Pereira (Colombia)

XII Feria del Gallo Ornamental

XII Feria del Gallo Ornamental: the trade show

As it is already traditional in Pereira since August 2008, the NGO antahkarana prepares the celebration of this unique event as one of the central events of the aniversative festivities of the city.

For three days, attendees will have the great occasion to enjoy a wide variety of activities including the presentation, contest and selection of the best Creole roosters and hens in the region, as well as cultural acts such as theater, dance and music parrandera, artisanal and gastronomic shows.
The Otun River Basin, the natural and social scene of the event, is a geographical area that links the municipalities of Pereira-Dosquebradas -Santa Rosa de Cabal, being the Corregimiento de La Florida its epicenter for the provision of ecoturistic services. For the 2019 version, the NGO Antahkarana and other regional actors have been preparing and promoting the proposal for:
"Museo Vivo" of our Colombian Andean area, where great social, cultural and natural components typical of rural idiosyncrasies stand out.
The event includes:
-Exhibition and Contest of Gallos and Gallinas Criollas in various modalities.
- Music Festival "Cantagallo" that highlights popular music and peasant squabusing.
- Exhibition and marketing of Handicrafts.
- Agroecology show, with emphasis on tradition and knowledge.
- Regional Ecotourism Cuenca Media Rio Otun(Pereira-Santa Rosa-Dosquebradas)
- Typical Gastronomy.

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