Wey Wey Web 2022 2024

Clínica Zaragoza- Podología -Medicina- Fisioterapia , Carril del Capitán 21
Malaga (ES)

Wey Wey Web 2022: the trade show

  WeyWeyWeb 2022 is a 2-days event focused on front-end and full-stack development, UI and UX as well as product design. In two day, December 15th and 16th, you will take part to talks and workshops as well as networking events. With big voices such as Douglas Crockford, Lea Verou y Chris Lilley you will fully inmerse into all the aspects of the front-end world. For more information and to purchase your ticket just visit our website: https://weyweyweb.com/

Wey Wey Web 2022 editions

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