Can you give some tips for those exhibiting in Los Angeles for the first time?

Union labour is very expensive, so if you can carry your equipment in yourself, you will save a lot of money!

Can anyone visit the show, or you have to be a professional?

Anyone can attend, but Friday, August 5th is intended for professionals in the immersive technology industry.

You also are in charge of VRLA School, a monthly series of educational workshops, speaker sessions, etc. What are the steps to participate in those sessions?

People can purchase a pass to VRLA School on our website or through Eventbrite when we announce new workshops.

Give us at least three reasons to don't miss VRLA School

We bring in top companies in VR to teach the workshops at VRLA School, so you’re learning directly from the people making important hardware and software. It’s also a great networking opportunity to meet like-minded people curious about VR. Lastly, we bring in really good food!

Finally, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

We had about 3000 attendees and 70 exhibitors.