Pisa (IT)

This event has been cancelled and will no longer be held


The product sectors present will be: divinatory arts, esoteric products, natural cosmetics, complementary medicine, pranotherapy, chromotherapy, crystal therapy, music therapy, herbal medicine, shiatzu, aikido, yoga, specialized publishing, mineralogy, new-age, ethnic style, publishing, holistic, oriental, bionatural, international and oriental crafts.


January 2023 Edition:


5-6-7-8 JANUARY 2023




THURSDAY 5 JANUARY: 14.00/20.00

14.45/15.30: "Negative influences: how to get back free from karmic laces" by Elisa Radhika. 

3.45/4.30 pm: "Lightness" by Carmen Mancosu Kübler Corazon de Vida.

16.45/17.30: "The tarot in 2023 between psyche, unconscious and new horizons" by Dr. Elena Pinori 

17.45/18.30: "Integration Body Mind - Managing emotions through body and mind to achieve a better quality of life" by Daniele Belgrado.

18.45/19.30: "Dante teaches... You know how but you don't know why.. " by Dr. Mauro La Porta


FRIDAY 6 JANUARY: 10.00/20.00

10.30/11.15: "The Way DENIED to Humanity" by Giulio Mori.

11.30/12.15: "Presentation of the SOULCOLLAGE® method by Dr. Elena Pinori. 

12.30/13.15: "Genesa crystal: sacred geometry. The waves of thought influence our future" by Mario Pavan. 

14.45/15.30: "Feeling better with Bach Flowers" by naturopath Silvia Ghiselli.

15.45/16.30: "Met in truth" by Carmen Mancosu Kübler Corazon de Vida.

16.45/17.30: "Back in time: healing the present with Past Lives" by Elisa Radhika. 

17.45/18.30: "Invitation to Tantra - A taste of Tantra to get rid of cumbersome mental patterns and improve communication with yourself and with others" by Daniele Belgrado.

18.45/19.30: Conference "The eye of power (from Polyphemus to Orwell to Hal)" by Dr. Mauro La Porta


SATURDAY 7 JANUARY: 10.00/20.00

10.30/11.15: "Back in time: healing the present with Past Lives" by Elisa Radhika. 

11.30/12.15: "Genesa cristallo: geometria sacra. The waves of thought influence our future" by Mario Pavan.

12.30/13.15: "Iridology: from prevention to the different applications of an ancient technique in modern times" by Veruschka Moncini.

14.45/15.30: "UFOs where do they come from? Who am I? What do they want?" curated by Moreno Tambellini

15.45/16.30: "Truth and integrity" by Carmen Mancosu Kübler Corazon de Vida.

16.45/17.30: "Advanced Communication - Introduction to empathetic, effective and non-violent communication" by Daniele Belgrado. 

17.45/18.30: "The tarot in 2023 between psyche, unconscious, and new horizons" by Dr. Elena Pinori 

18.45/19.30: "Aliens... Demons... Humans" by Dr. Mauro La Porta


SUNDAY 8 JANUARY: 10.00/20.00

10.30/11.15: "Journey through the Memories of Everything: the Akasha" by Elena Sassetti

11.30/12.15: «The unknown speaks to us - "The live broadcasts of our brothers in space" by Ilaria Centoni

12.30/13.15: "Il Femminile Cancellato" curated by Giulio Mori.

14.45/15.30: "Magic of fantasy and adventure of reality" and presentation of the book "Nebbie dal passato" by Mario Giuliani

15.45/16.30: "Plan your free time with love and freedom" by Carmen Mancosu Kübler Corazon de Vida.

16.45/17.30: "Infinite Shades of Couple - How to improve the various aspects of the relationship" by Daniele Belgrado 

17.45/18.30: "Let's relive the Zanfretta case" by Giuseppe Tricoli of G.A.U.S

18.45/19.30: "Ignorance, Consciousness, Awareness... The scale of the Spirit" by Dr. Mauro La Porta



 "Tra Sogno Magia e Mistero" UNIQUE European event between History, Magic, Wellness and Oriental Culture, will be realized for the 37th edition at the Republican Arsenalui of Pisa on 5-6-7-8 January 2023.


Tra Sogno Magia e Mistero is an event not to be missed, a journey into the millennial oriental culture of well-being to discover everything that can help our body and mind to stay in shape!


                The sectors present will be: Arts for health (Tui Na, Shiatzu, Ayurveda, Thai massage, Hot Stone, Hawaiian, Californian), Regressive hypnosis, Rebirthing, Flower therapy, Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Magnetotherapy, Pranotherapy, Sound therapy, Bach flowers, International and Oriental crafts, Natural cosmetics, Crystal therapy, Chromotherapy, Unconventional, holistic, oriental and bionatural disciplines, Specialized publishing, Herbalist, Ethnic style, Mi-neralogy, Divinatory Arts, Esoteric Products, Tattoo & Body Piercing, Tastings and ceremonial of Tea, Natural Cuisine and many other oriental arts.


Conference Room


Divinatory Arts Room: on the ground floor in a single secluded and circumscribed environment and respecting privacy is located the "Divinatory Arts Room" where every day, during opening hours, operators of mantic arts will receive even without appointment.


Commercial Area: the Commercial Area with numerous stands will be an engaging scenario of the sectors related to the themes present, also Bonsai, statues of Buddha and other oriental deities, incense, candles, Zen fountains, salt lamps, Tibetan bells, crystal bells, music, books, macrobiotic and natural foods, oils and medicinal herbs, natural health products, natural cosmetics and much more


Rooms Arts for Health: where every day, during opening hours, expert operators, teachers and Masters will hold meetings, lessons  and seminars with a limited number.


Exhibition venue: Republican Arsenals, located along a particularly suggestive area of the city, on the right bank of the Arno, and which characterizes the whole part of the Lungarno. It can be reached from the main communication routes




Motorway A1 Milano Napoli, exit for A11 Firenze Mare – then exit Pisa 

Motorway A12  exit Pisa Centro

FI-PI-LI SGC exit Pisa ovest, continue along Via Ponte a Piglieri finally L.Arno Leopardi.

BY TRAIN  Pisa Centro or Pisa San Rossore station

BY BUS: LAM 6 (descent Piazza S. Paolo a Ripa d'Arno)


Republican Arsenals (Cittadella area) PISA - Via Bonanno Pisano, 2

FOR INFORMATION 3333405845 - 3334317972