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Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere 2021

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  • Palazzo dei Congressi Piazza John Kennedy 1, Pisa (Italy)

Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere

Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere: the trade show

January 2014 Edition:

Eligible sectors: Arts for Health (Tui Na, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Thai massage, Hot Stone, Hawaiian, Californian), regressive hypnosis, rebirthing, Flower Therapy, Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Magnet Therapy, Chiropractic, Sound Therapy, flowers Bach, Craft International and Eastern Europe, Natural cosmetics, crystal, colored lighting, Discipline unconventional, holistic, eastern and bionaturali, Specialized press, Herbs, Ethnic style, Mineralogy, divination, esoteric products, Tattoo & Body Piercing, Tea Tastings and ceremonial , cuisine and many other oriental arts. Orient Commercial Area: Commercial Area with numerous stands will be a storytelling of areas related to the themes present also Bonsai, Buddha statues and other Eastern gods, incense, candles, fountains zen, salt lamps, singing bowls, crystal bowls , music, books, macrobiotic foods, natural oils and herbs, natural health products, natural cosmetics and more Will present the most prestigious cultural associations Oriental, interviews with Tibetan monks and their amazing Mandala, Queros Andean shamans, meditation and propitiatory songs. Conference Rooms: 5 at the "Conference Rooms" (from 50-100-250-500 seats) in the Palazzo dei Congressi every day during business hours, expert speakers will present lectures and discussions with numerous arts and products that each of them represents, will be held seminars, book presentations and video conferencing. sans-serif; "> Sale Arts for Health: on the second floor in soundproof rooms and detached from the passage of the crowd there are 6" Salt Arts for Health "in which every day during opening hours of expert professionals, teachers and teachers hold meetings, lectures and seminars for a limited number. Exhibitions and performances in the auditorium equipped for 500 seats will conduct exhibitions and performances of Oriental Dance, Belly Dance, Indian Dance, concerts with oriental instruments and Aboriginal, Tibetan bells and crystal experiences of sound therapy , music therapy and much, much more ... Room divination: the ground floor in one room and secluded and limited in privacy there is the "Sala divination" in which every day during business hours will receive mantic arts operators without an appointment. The Location, adequately equipped, is considered very suitable for its characteristics: it is located only 2 km from the SGC Fi-Pi-Li, is close to the center of Pisa, the location is central with respect to the national territory, availability of ample parking right next to the Exhibition Centre (both in front of, or in Lungarno Guadalongo). Venue: Palace of Congresses (Via Matteotti) located on a particularly charming part of the city on the right bank of the Arno, surrounded by thick green belt that leads to the Avenue of Piagge and characterizing all part of the Arno River. E 'reachable from SS 206 Emilia and major roads such as the A11 and A12 Genoa-Livorno highway and the Fi-Pi-Li with exit Pisa Nord-Est (Follow the signs to the city center). The Congress Palace is also accessible by bus from Central Station by bus number 9 and 13. Exhibition space: 3,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area. The areas covered are made ​​of a reinforced concrete structure with shell scheme stands, rooms are air conditioned and heated. Internal services: parking area reserved for exhibitors, for a total of 25 parking spaces and public outdoor parking area, about 200 meters along Lungarno Guadalongo for visitors for a total of 2,000 parking spaces. Dining, bar, public telephone-fax, toilets, sevizio information, 5 meeting rooms for 50/100/250 and 500 seats. Tra Sogno Magia e Mistero is an event not to be missed, a journey into the ancient oriental culture of wellness to discover everything that can help our body and mind to stay in shape!

Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere editions

Edition Date Localizatiob
Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere 2020 From to Pisa, Italy
Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere 2019 From to Pisa, Italy
Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere 2018 From to Pisa, Italy
Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere 2017 From to Pisa, Italy Palazzo dei Congressi
Tra Sogno Magia e Benessere 2016 From to Florence, Italy

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