TOC Europe is the world-famous showcase for those who own, move and handle containerize and bulk cargoes. This is the spot where shippers, carriers and all other attendees come from Ports and Terminals come to attend this ongoing container supply chain conference. Being the host of holding free seminars, port technology showcase and workshops, all the technical and operational personnel are invited to attend the exhibition.

Toc Europe

Free to attend, TOC has built a strong reputation as the trusted event portfolio for the maritime trade, shipping and port communities. Its focus is making them the premier business and networking event for the stakeholders. Adding to mix, they have “Happy Hour”, where you can drink, take a bit and network all at the same time.

Hosted in Rotterdam, it being the mayor center of the supply chain in Europe. TOC has 39 years in experience, training and heritage. This is the best location for you to dish out your latest products. As it is cost effective and all the participants are able to use the latest technologies. Check it out!