SPS IPC Drives Italia 2024

Fiere di Parma , Viale delle Esposizioni, 393A
Padua (IT)

SPS IPC Drives Italia: the trade show

SPS / IPC / DRIVES Exhibition Congress Italy is a specialist in Information Technology, Systems and Components for Automation Electric. The event is a crucial appointment to learn about new proposals in the field of industrial and discussion of current field at the same time.

SPS IPC Drives Italia editions

SPS IPC Drives Italia 2024 From to Fiere di Parma
SPS IPC Drives Italia 2023 From to Fiere di Parma
SPS IPC Drives Italia 2022 From to Fiere di Parma
SPS IPC Drives Italia 2021 From to Fiere di Parma

SPS/IPC/DRIVES is the leading show for electric automation technology in Italy

SPS/IPC/DRIVES Italy serves as one of the largest international exhibitions for electric automation technology. Showcasing components and systems, it is one of the few exhibitions which offers integrated automation solutions. 21,000 attendees and 584 exhibitors all profit from the advantage of meeting under one roof and that way, being able to expand their business deals, while being able to discover new technologies and innovate applications.

Sps Ipc Drives Milano

As it brings suppliers and producers together, it has become the leading show to give out major opportunities for the Italian automation sector. Furthermore, its all-inclusive program offers conferences, special projects and more where you can learn about products, trends and innovations. All these activities are a valuable opportunity for researchers and students, having a great success with each edition.