Roma Travel Show 2024

Palazzo dei Congressi , Piazza John Kennedy 1
Bologna (IT)

Roma Travel Show: the trade show

The initiative is aimed at the general public, consumer. The aim is to create the richest and most interesting showcase by offering the widest overview of travel: a simple holiday, a trendy, adventurous trip, with destinations to discover that only travel experts and prestigious agencies, can suggest and propose with clarity and expertise. Travel that must be able to count on any part of the world on attention and assistance that only agencies and specialists of travel can guarantee: characteristics that especially with globalization and new technologies are endangered with the entry anonymous and unskilled operators. The exhibitors called to participate are travel agencies, travel experts, tour operators, cruise companies, farms, farms, wineries and territorial networks, ways of taste, wine, food and wine itineraries, but also institutions, institutions for promotion their territories.

Roma Travel Show editions

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