Rio Boat Show 2024

Marina da Glória , Avenida Infante Dom Henrique S/N
Rio de Janeiro (BR)

Rio Boat Show: the trade show

Rio Boat Show combines the latest innovations in the nautical sector in Brazil. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience live barges, boats, yachts, fishing tackle and water sports directly from the manufacturers, the waters of Marina da Gloria, one of the postcards of Rio de Janeiro.

Visitors can also take the course free of skipper, and enjoy the attractions of entertainment and leisure-related event.

Rio Boat Show editions

Rio Boat Show 2024 From to Marina da Glória
Rio Boat Show 2023 From to Marina da Glória
Rio Boat Show 2019 From to Marina da Glória
Rio Boat Show 2018 From to Marina da Glória

Rio Boat Show is an excellent place to network in the nautical industry

The Boat Show in Rio promotes a great environment to bring new experiences, exchange ideas and bring new business. There are over 100 national and international exhibitors who all share 40,000 m² area and welcome in 43 thousand visitors. From executives to entrepreneurs, from professional athletes to celebrities, everyone stops by this trade show to enjoy the best out of the nautical world.

Rio Boat Show Exhibition Area

As a visitor, exhibitor or sponsor, you have a positive and beneficial experience since every year the end results become greater and greater. Participate and take advantage of knowing the biggest brands in the industry: Mercury, Volvo, Ventura and many more.

Enjoy the ride and be part of the fun. If you are interested in being part of this fantastic trade show, book a stand and let us know about your designer needs. Our specialists will find the right one for you, free of cost, all in the Rio of Janeiro area. Don't miss out on the opportunity!