What are the novelties for this edition?

The whole concept, as well as the location, is new!

We have "adventure salons - addressing all 5 senses and "expert salons" (in cooperation with the European travel insurance) where travel experts of the exhibitors will answer questions and are available for on-site bookings. For the first time, the Austrian startup Myfly.cc offers live transmission in highest quality and without time delay. This gives exhibitors the opportunity to bring their destinations, hotels or countries to the visitors live via screens and free of charge. Conversations are also possible to directly answer the visitor's questions.

Centrally located and in front of the exhibitor spaces, free salons will be provided. A comfortable talking area, designed according to the focus of the exhibitor, invites the visitors. Travel Blogger - to be recognised by their t-shirt, will connect visitors and exhibitors. This will also create a further presentation area for the exhibitors free of charge.


Why did you choose Vienna as the place of the show?

Vienna is the largest city in Austria has the biggest potential for such a travel fair.

Why do you give as much importance to the stories?

Because emotional stories inspire the visitors more than all fact and figures. Culinary, art, culture and design from all over the world is an important factor which leads the visitor to a perfect travel experience.

What is the visitor's profile?

The visitors are experienced travellers with high expectations and exclusive taste. The visitors are well educated, successful and wealthy with a great interest in high-end travel.

It is really important for them to get good consulting and high quality offers from our exhibitors.

Give us some reasons to don't miss the exhibition.

On the ReiseSalon the visitors will experience holiday feeling with all extras like music, dance, art, culture and culinary delicacies from all over the world.

Really interesting travel stories from the exhibitors will take the visitors into the whole world - especially via the live-transmissions.

Travel blogger will pass on their insider tips to our visitors.

Lastly, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

Last year we had about 6200 visitors at the ReiseSalon.