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Recinte Firal de Girona, Passeig de la Devesa 34, 17001, Girona (España)

The goals of the Fira are to promote and stimulate trade, industry and the services required of it, to expand commercial exchanges by creating and co-ordinating trade fair-type activities of all kinds, including both general trade fairs and industry-specific or thematic fairs and shows.

In accordance with the 1994 act governing trade fairs, from 19th March 1998 onwards the trade fair institution became the Fundació Privada Fira de Girona, a private foundation run by a board and an executive committee. Today, the drive and dynamism of Fira de Girona are proof that it is meeting its goals. It currently has 14 trade fairs, 7 of them organised by the Fira itself, 4 together with partners and 3 externally organised, as well as a variety of other activities. It is therefore fair to say that Fira de Girona is the right venue for your success.

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