Paperex 2023

India Exposition Mart , Plot No. 25272829 Knowledge Park-2
Greater Noida (IN)

Paperex: the trade show

India's annual paper trade show, Paperex, was founded in 1991 and is open to exhibitors from around the world who are given access to the vast local market.

Paperex provides the latest in products, technology and solutions for a highly specialized industry professionals, some examples are: modernization of existing mills; paper automation and instrumentation; reconditioning of existing plant & machinery; raw material handling; pulping; paper making; scanning, mixing; pollution abatement; environment control; computerization and much more.

Paperex editions

Paperex 2023 From to India Exposition Mart
Paperex 2022 From to India Exposition Mart
Paperex 2019 From to Pragati Maidan
Paperex 2017 From to Pragati Maidan