OGT Expo (formerly TIOGE) 2023

CCI Turkmenistan Building , Chandybil Street, Asjabad, Asjabat, Turkmenistán
Ashgabat (TM)

OGT Expo (formerly TIOGE): the trade show

OGT Expo has become one of the biggest oil and gas shows in CIS with more than 100 international exhibitors. Turkmenistan is a country with a rapidly growing economy which has achieved exceptional results since gaining independence. The oil and gas industry is a key contributor to this economic success.

OGT Expo (formerly TIOGE) editions

OGT Expo (formerly TIOGE) 2023 From to CCI Turkmenistan Building
OGT Expo (formerly TIOGE) 2020 From to
OGT Expo (formerly TIOGE) 2019 From to Ashgabat Exhibition Centre
OGT Expo (formerly TIOGE) 2018 From to Ashgabat Exhibition Centre