We want to introduce you to the most significant international book forum in Russia, The Moscow International Book Fair. It is known to be the most significant annual event for the Russian book industry. Walking along its hallways, you are able to see the various countries being represented, as well as the vital tendencies of international companies. You can sign mutually-beneficial contracts and you can strengthen traditional contacts.

Mibf Moscow Booth

From developing new ones to providing new opportunities for the community, you are part of the spotlight. From the moment you take part of it by having your stand, you will be collaborating to the literary world to have a more successful year. As your business will grow within the Fair's participation, there is also constant significant social media and press involved. As it has its own information field and concentrates in the community's attention on books and reading.

This show is covered by thousands of journalists around the world, all of which are represented through various media. Having a very well-known contest named “Books of the Year”. This authoritative competition determines the top and best achievements of all the Russian's books that were published within the year. This contest has been going on for many years too, so it is well seen and a great way to reach out to farther public.

The Moscow International Book Fair has raised the great interested of hundreds of readers worldwide, as each year this six day trade show welcomes over 200,000 visitors. Featuring participants from 60 countries, attracting more than 2,000 participating organizations that involves everyone in the field. This expo helps make it all as comfortable and easy as possible for everyone involved. Check out this great opportunity to visit one of the world's most fascinating cities and experience Russia's unique culture and traditions.