Maghreb Pharma Expo 2024

Palais Expositions d´Algiers, Safex , Pins Maritimes Alger 16000 Algérie
Algiers (DZ)

Maghreb Pharma Expo: the trade show

Improve your marketing and communication skills in North Africa by exhibiting in an Event exclusively related to the professionals of the Pharmaceutical Industry sector in the area. Showcase your equipments, APIs, Lab material, cleanrooms, packaging, services and (new) finished products, to the decision makers and concerned managers and discuss directly face to face with your prospects at Maghreb Pharma, in the heart of North Africa!

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Maghreb Pharma Expo editions

Maghreb Pharma Expo 2024 From to Palais Expositions d´Algiers, Safex
Maghreb Pharma Expo 2023 From to Palais Expositions d´Algiers, Safex
Maghreb Pharma Expo 2022 From to Palais Expositions d´Algiers, Safex
Maghreb Pharma Expo 2021 From to Palais Expositions d´Algiers, Safex

Our specialists will find the right kind of stand need for Maghreb Pharma

Maghred Pharma already counts with amazing success. From 153 exhibitors from 21 countries that meet up with 1,520 pharmaceutical professionals from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. By coming to this show, you will have the chance to part of the regional dynamics and discover active pharmaceutical procedure.

Mahgreb Pharma Booth

Adding to this, you also have B2B meetings to explore partnerships opportunities with foreign and North African companies. This expo commits helping Algeria achieve a better vision strategy to innovate and make the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry prosper. You've got plenty of advantages by participating.

Such as being able to meet all the suppliers in the same place which means that you will be able to save time and money. You can take that time to discuss the current situation targeting the right people you need. Book a stand and let us know what kind of stand you have got in mind. Our specialists are willing to help you every step of the way to make sure you got everything you need.

Whats even more so, you can discover ground breaking services, stay informed on the latest innovations and discover amazing investment opportunities, all right in the same place. From learning more about the dynamic North Africa market face to face to make further on line professional networking, you are bound to push your company forward.