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Lingotto Fiere, Via Nizza 294, 10126, Turin (Italia)

The modern and versatile infrastructure of Lingotto Fiere offers a series of functional areas that can be adapted to the needs and formats of diverse exhibitions. Gross available indoor space is in excess of 50.000 square metres which, together with the outdoor sites, constitutes a total exhibition area of over 70.000 square metres and a total gross volume of over 800.000 cubic metres. The exhibition space is split among four single-level interconnected exhibition halls, situated between two multi-storey galleries housing services and facilities for exhibitors and visitors. The entrance drives are designed to allow even large trucks to access each exhibition area with the greatest ease. Comfort is assured thanks to an effective conditioning plant equipped with coolers and heat exchangers. The distribution of the stands has been designed to optimise utilisation of the space available and cut service connection charges to a minimum. The layout is based on a grid of 4x4m stands, in line with the widely used international standards, integrated with a specific design for the identification and numbering of the booths. Lingotto Fiere offers an extensive and advanced system of car-parks linked directly with the motorways: over 5.500 vehicles can be parked above or below the ground in facilities equipped with automatic control systems.

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