Lineapelle February 2024

Fiera Milano Rho , Strada Statale Sempione, 28
Milan (IT)

Lineapelle: the trade show

Lineapelle is the International exhibition of leathers, accessories, components, synthetic products and models for footwear, leather goods, leatherwear and furnishing, organized twice a year in Bologna.

Exhibitors are producers of: finished leathers, accessories, components (welts, soles, heels, metal accessories, etc.), synthetic materials, industrial fabrics and models for footwear, leather goods, clothing, furniture; no finished product, such as bags, shoes, garment, etc.

Workshops and seminaries complete this international event. In addition, there is a "Giovani Designer" competition for young creative people.



Lineapelle editions

Lineapelle February 2024 From to Fiera Milano Rho
Lineapelle September 2023 From to Fiera Milano Rho
Lineapelle February 2023 From to Fiera Milano
Lineapelle September 2022 From to Fiera Milano

Lineapelle gives us stands that highlight the best products

Lineapelle, presents twice a year, the latest and coolest accessories for footwear, leather goods, garments and furniture in Italy. It presents high-quality products all around fitted to every style and area in the fashion world. About 1,100 companies are represented from over 40 countries, both times around. Each time, every stand holds up to its finest standard leaving the show floor classy and organized. The products showcased are easy on the eyes, as they are designed to have open spaces, highlight them in the finest of ways and give out specific information on the spot.

Lineapelle Exhibition Design

This world-famous brand is known for its continued leadership in quality and style innovation as its products are ordered worldwide. Not only in this expo but it takes a part in many others, it is responsible from bringing together more than 50,000 companies. Contact us to set up one of the most memorable stands at Lineapelle. Our specialists will only show you the top designers and builders in the area.

Lineapelle Milan Stand

This particular event is set in Milan, yet there are many of its kind also in the main cities of the world. Be sure to catch a spot in this spectacular trade show. You don't want to miss this kind of opportunity where you can optimize your brand and give it the right publicity it needs.