Intermodal South America 2024

São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center , Rodovia dos Imigrantes
Sao Paulo (BR)

Intermodal South America: the trade show

The Intermodal South America is the biggest and most important tradeshow of South America focused on the markets of foreign trade, logistics and transports, held in the best venue for exhibitions presently existent in Brazil. In it, the environment is business oriented. Besides expanding the network of relationships, your company will expand the list of clients, presenting its products and services for the most qualified visiting public, made of decision makers, of this industry.

Intermodal South America editions

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Intermodal South America 2019 From to São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

All about Intralogistics, Technology and Transportation at Intermodal South America

In 2019, Intermodal South America will be even more special and exclusive, celebrating 25 years as the largest logistics, cargo transportation and international trade show in Latin America.  

What novelties have you prepared for this 2019 edition?

To celebrate more than two decades in the leadership of logistics, cargo transportation and international trade show, the event starts to position itself as an even broader show for the infrastructure and international trade sector, with special emphasis on three segments: Intralogistics, Technology and Transportation, aiming to cover all the links in the logistics chain. Another novelty of this edition will be the realization, in parallel to Intermodal, of the largest trade fair dedicated to the subway and rail markets of South America, the NT Expo - Business on the Rails.

The event presents a multifaceted programme with workshops at Intermodal South America and special events. Which of the activities do you think are a must for the visitor or which of them do you highlight?

Another highlight of Intermodal 2019 will be the holding, once again, of one of the most traditional content events in the sector, the National Logistics Conference, organized by the Brazilian Logistics Association, which brings together well-known authorities and experts of the industry. Soon, the official program and the keynote speakers participating in this exclusive meeting will be announced on the event's website.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at Intermodal South America?

Considered by industry executives as a generating platform for new business and an exclusive networking for the logistics community, Intermodal get together companies for all over the globe, bringing in the state of the art in equipment, technology, solutions and knowledge for the logistic, cargo transport and international trade industries, presenting novelties in the production, storage, distribution and transportation supply chains of the most diverse types of cargos.

As for Intralogístics, for example, the show opens up space for innovations, technologies, product launches and services for managing and moving loads within warehouses, manufacturing units and distribution centres. As for Technology, it will bring together the main developers and suppliers of these solutions, such as information technology, telematics, security, e-commerce and software and systems in general.

In Transport, you will receive the main companies of the modal road, rail, waterway and air, besides companies specialized in logistics services in general, that will offer more efficiency and quality of delivery to the products.

Other advantages of exhibiting at Intermodal: Promote your products and services to more than 33,000 industry professionals looking for logistics solutions; Generate countless qualified contacts in just 3 days; Increase the visibility of your brand and/or product; Find decision makers; Strengthen your networking and make new contacts.

Can you give some tips for those exhibiting for the first time in São Paulo and specifically at Intermodal South America?

For the second consecutive year, Intermodal will take place at São Paulo Expo Center, at the business capital of Brazil, a metropolis that offers uncountable culture and gastronomic options.

Scheduled from March 19 to 21, from 1 pm to 9 pm, the event offers a complete structure to its visitors, with a quality food court and one of the best and largest covered parking lots in the country. Regarding etiquette, since it is a business fair exclusive for professionals, people will not be allowed to enter wearing slippers, regattas, shorts, soccer jerseys and the like.

Can anybody attend Intermodal South America 2019? How to register?

Intermodal South America is a business event for exclusively for professionals of the industry. The entrance of minors of 18 years it is not allowed, even if accompanied by those responsible. Accreditation is free until the beginning of the event, only for those who have a guest code, and can be done through in the official website of the fair.

What is the exhibitor profile?

Intermodal South America brings together exhibitors of various profiles, such as freight forwarders, airports, logistics condos, logistics operators, ports, terminals and airlines, rail, sea and road companies, as well as several technology companies with solutions for the logistics sector.

What is the visitor profile?

There are more than 33,000 professionals of the sector that visit the event during its three days of organization, 40% of them are shippers of loads or representatives of the industry; 26% are executives of the transportation, logistics and warehousing sectors; 13% are decision makers of import and export services; and 4% are players in the wholesale and retail markets.

Can you give us some participation results from the last edition? How many visitors attend? In total from the exhibitors, from how many different nationalities they are?

In its latest edition, Intermodal South America brought together over 400 exhibiting brands from 22 countries and attracted more than 33,000 professionals.

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International business leaders in tourism, oil and gas, biotechnology and electronic components present themselves each year with a stand in Intermodal South America.

The event, celebrated in Sao Paulo for three days, turns into a platform for national and international companies to strengthen their brands, establish new partners or build new ways of communication.

Intermodal South America

Intermodal South America offers exhibitors a unique opportunity to find a highly-qualified public. A great investment in relation to cost/benefit in a market that becomes more and more competitive.

Ports and terminals, sea transportation companies and shipowners or logistics operators find real opportunities to expand their business in this annual event.

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