India Leather &Accessories Fair (ILAF), 2023

Milan Mela Complex , 3, JBS Haldane Avenue,
Kolkata (IN)

India Leather &Accessories Fair (ILAF),: the trade show

The Indian Leather and Accessories Fair ILAF is a B2B event which provides an excellent platform for sourcing and displaying quality leather goods and leather related products. Kolkata, the city where the fair takes place, is the hub of world class leather goods manufacturing units. Some of the leading manufacturers and exporters of leather goods will display their products at the fair, and most of these exhibitors have their manufacturing units in Kolkata/West Bengal. So, the international visitors can also visit the factories to observe the manufacturing facilities. The target audience is importers, wholesalers, designers, buyers, buying houses etc. Visitors from India and abroad can source the finished leather goods, chemicals, machinery, components etc. About 90 exhibitors showcase their products, among them the leading as well as micro and small enterprises of the leather and leather related industry.

India Leather &Accessories Fair (ILAF), editions

India Leather &Accessories Fair (ILAF), 2023 From to Milan Mela Complex
India Leather &Accessories Fair (ILAF), 2023 From to Milan Mela Complex