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ICE Totally Gaming: the trade show

Covering the entire spectrum of sectors in the gaming industry, ICE Totally Gaming attracts industry professionals from across the globe eager to get direct access to the products and services that will grow their businesses.

At ICE Totally Gaming, manufacturers, inventors, creators and service providers in the industry showcase their latest and most innovative products to these leading buyers.

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Make contact with pre-eminent gaming organisations at ICE Totally Gaming 2017

In economic terms, the gaming sector it's one of the least damaged by the crisis. Very bound to technologic innovations, this it's a growing industry and a good opportunity for companies to get profit. ICE Gaming London it's a representative event of the industry situation and its economic possibilities. From Neventum we were anxious to know all the novelties we could find at this 2017 edition, for this reason, we've talked with Kate Chambers, Managing Director, Gaming Division at Clarion Events (organisers of the show).

ICE Totally Gaming is an international platform for entertainment, what do you think that stands out from other similar shows?

ICE has successfully made the transition from being a regional event to one that is now truly international.  In 2016 it attracted representatives from 150 nations, a stand out characteristic which is unique in the calendar of gaming industry business to business events.  From a visitor perspective, the 28,000+ that we are expecting at ICE 2017, make the journey to London in the knowledge that they will have access to an international exhibitor base. 

On the show floor at ICE 2017, there will be exhibitors from 66 nations.  This means that ICE provides a global take on what’s new in the world of gaming as opposed to a regional interpretation.  Added to this, ICE is the only B2B gaming event in the world that brings together the online and offline gaming sectors.  Featuring exhibitors drew from the casino, betting, bingo, lottery, mobile, online, street, sports and social gaming sectors, ICE provides the most comprehensive shop window on world gaming.

Without doubts, the industry of leisure and luck games it's one of the most powerful in economic terms. What's the actual situation and the future trends of your sector? There's any novelty with the most increase of technologies?

Gaming is one of the earliest adopters of technology and the deployment of technological innovations is one of the key drivers in all forms of gaming but most significantly in online or iGaming. Our job is to provide a professional environment in which organisations can launch their products to an international audience of gaming professionals.  We are experts in events, not gaming experts, but with over 500 of the world’s pre-eminent gaming organisations having the stands at the ICE, it’s a given that the big, game-changing products of the year will be at the ICE.

What can you highlight from the next edition?

We estimate that somewhere in the region of 4,000 products are launched at the ICE, as a consequence it’s almost impossible to select a highlight. In terms of events taking place at the show, I would highlight the learning programme of modules which are an important part of the ICE experience and which this year have been re-branded under the ICE VOX banner.

Visitors wanting to find out more about ICE VOX, can download the brochure and agenda which provides details of the eight paid-for learning modules, comprising The International Casino Conference; World Regulatory Briefing; Cross-Platform & Multi-Channel Gaming; Modernising Lotteries; Data Science & Personalisation; BetMarkets; Cybercrime Security and Regulatory Compliance in Gaming, and Game Design and Development.

Can you give some tips for those exhibiting for the first time, not just in ICE Totally Gaming but in London?

As your readers will know, London is one of the finest capital cities in the world.  It’s a multicultural city which is reflected in the choice of restaurants. You can eat your way around the world in London with international restaurants including Turkish, Thai, South Korean, South African, Japanese, Jamaican – the list, not unlike the number of nationalities who attend ICE is immense. 

Generally and despite the hectic pace of life, Londoners are polite and respectful.  People (most of the time) will queue for the metro and to be served in pubs.  Visiting a pub is one of the most important ‘to dos’ for international visitors to Britain. The system is slightly different in that you pay for drinks at the bar rather than when you leave.

We have quite clear rules about attending ICE which can be found at  The event is only open to businesses and their staff or representatives: no consumers will be allowed entry.  Also, we have very clear rules about media attention. All media have to pre-register and sign our terms and conditions.

Give us some reasons to don't miss the show

Exhibition organisers, as a rule, try to avoid descriptives such as 'biggest' and 'best' but when it comes to ICE that's exactly how our stakeholders describe their experience of the event. 

  • It's a big show which means that it has momentum and has become a meeting place for the international gaming community.  
  • It's unique because it brings together both the online and the offline gaming worlds in a way that no other event does. 
  • It's also the most international gaming business event on the calendar with 150 nationalities represented at the 2016 edition, and in February we will have a record 66 nations on the show floor as exhibitors. 
  • ICE VOX  represents, arguably the best learning programme in gaming.
  • The stature and quality of our exhibitors – and I can assure all potential visitors that when you come to what we are describing as the ‘World theatre of gaming' you will have access to over 500 of the very best in the world!

Lastly/finally, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

ICE 2016 was independently audited by 28,487 visitors who travelled to London from 150 nations, making it by some distance the most international business to business gaming event anywhere in the world.

ICE Totally Gaming, the top event in the gaming world

If you love the games sector and want to find out the latest news, ICE Totally Gaming is for you. It has a great variety of products as every sector is represented; from betting, online gaming, bingo, social, street and even casino, everything is welcome. It contains enough information on the million of products showcased and it helps bring the gaming industry together. This expo's stands are stunning having a creative design as they keep everything up with the newest technology.

Ice London Exhibit Booth

ICE Totally Gaming is the annual event where hundreds of new games get launched. Conferences where gaming experts speak, arranging business meetings on the spot, networking with worldwide business-makers of the industry, free show-floor seminars and give you up-to-the-date news are just a few reasons why you should not miss this mayor event.

Tab Booth At London Ice

515 exhibitors, over 23,000 visitors and a grand total of 156 countries. Impressive figures coming from a three day event. Its fairground in London brings more than the common gamer, it also brings 80% of decision makers to its field. If you are interested in this world, this is an event that you must attend to. No matter what part of the world you are in, this is the best one in the gaming sector.

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