HOSPITALAR is the 22nd International Fair of Products, equipment, Services and Technology for Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Health Clinics and Medical Offices.

It showcases the high-end medical technology, giving logical and even less advance solutions, leaving us to a extensive display of choices of the following. Also including laboratory equipment, furniture, clothing, nursing, home health care and every other aspect of the medical world.

Ge Hospitalar Stand

Being the most important health care fair of Latin America, it is in charge of the most important companies and with their help, contacting with the main clients.

Hospitalar Exhibition Stand Design

As it holds over 60 conferences, 91,000 professional visitors, 10,000 congress participants worldwide and 1,250 companies. It holds its leading position as the Industry's most important event.

We are sure you are convinced about the impact of this major event, contact us today for further information on builders, designers and contractors for your stand.