G2E Asia, Global Gaming Asia is the premier event for the Asian gaming- entertainment industry. It is dedicated to the Asian gaming market. It presents to us quality exhibitors and great networking opportunities for visitors around the world.

G2e Asia Exhibition Floor

With over 10,000 visitors and about 160 exhibitors, this is the main event where the newest games and game consoles come out. Countless exhibits, uninterrupted conferences and top gaming designers all form part of this fair. Stands fill the fairground with lots of color and great gaming areas. Anything goes in this fair as it is surrounded with spacious and high-class stands.

Stall Design At G2e Asia

As this events grows every year, it gives you many reasons to present your products here. On the fairground, you can find exhibitors talking face-to-face to key investors as the trade visitors enjoy the stands. These bring out great opportunities to play the top new games and be hands-on with their latest products.

Contact us today as we can help you find the best designers, builders and contractors in the area. G2E Asia brings out the best for your products. Find the best stand for you, as our specialists give you the top five companies to choose from.

G2e Asia Floor