Furniture Salon 2024

Yerevan Expo Center , Hakob Hakobyan Street 3, H.
Yerevan (AM)

Furniture Salon: the trade show

Furniture Salon Expo is the furniture trade show annually at the fairgrounds Logos Expo Center, Armenia. Each year, the event aims to widen armenian products market, encourage foreign investments and demonstrate sectors' economical potential.

Furniture Salon Expo focuses on four main sectors: furniture accessories, interior design, specific furniture (offices, kitchens, bedrooms, etc.). and furniture design. Furniture Salon Expo welcomes each year, in Armenia more than 150 exhibitors and foreign visitors from Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary and USA, among others.

Furniture Salon editions

Furniture Salon 2024 From to Yerevan Expo Center
Furniture Salon 2023 From to Yerevan Expo Center
Furniture Salon 2022 From to Yerevan Expo
Furniture Salon 2021 From to Yerevan Expo