Fithep Expoalimentaria 2024

Centro Costa Salguero , Ramón Cárcano
Córdoba (AR)

Fithep Expoalimentaria: the trade show

Fithep Mercosur is the International Fair of Technology for the Manufacture of Ice-Creams, Bakery, Confectionery, Chocolates, Pasta and Pizza and Products for Convenience Stores organized at Costa Salguero Center, in Buenos Aires. At Fithep Mercosur there are different sectors: International Ice Cream Hall, International Pastry and Confectionery Hall, International Pasta and Pizza Hall, International Hall for Technology for Bakery and Chocolate manufacturing.

Fithep Expoalimentaria editions

Fithep Expoalimentaria 2024 From to Centro Costa Salguero
Fithep Expoalimentaria 2023 From to Centro de Convenciones Córdoba (C.C.C.)
Fithep Expoalimentaria 2022 From to
Fithep Expoalimentaria 2021 From to Centro Costa Salguero

Fithep Mercosur is a great expo for everyone in the business

Fithep Mercosur is the International Fair of Technologies for Ice Cream, Jams, Chocolate, Bakery, Pastas, Pizzas and Convenience items. Organized in Buenos Aires every two years, this event is very important for the industry, being a great opportunity for everyone involved in the same business. Stands give out live shows, sweet smells and live tips that will help make your cooking even greater.

Fithep Mercosur Stand

As you for part of this trade show, keep us in mind. We will be delighted to help you find the exact stand design you need. Be here to look your brightest and attract the right kind of crowd. Contact us today. There are many unmatched activities such as lectures of making ice cream, pastries, baked good, pastas and pizzas. Teachers of the Federation of Bakers dictate lectures for free processing and many other methods that will help the whole industry itself.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that this is a very successful show as it brings together anyone who is anyone in the industry. Top sellers, leading experts, buyers with spending power and industry players will all be here to boost the sector. Swing by with your products and make the best of what you got!