FIT América Latina 2024

La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires , Juncal 4431, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires (AR)

FIT América Latina: the trade show

FIT Latin America is a platform where the innovations and tendencies in tourism and leisure of South America are showcased.

The main operators and tourism institutions, hotels and rural accommodation gather at this show, including the event organizers and cultural entities, among others, to showcase their commercial offer to the professionals of the sector and the general public.

FIT América Latina editions

FIT América Latina 2024 From to La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires
FIT América Latina 2023 From to La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires
FIT América Latina 2022 From to La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires
FIT América Latina 2021 From to La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires

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FIT is the most highly anticipated business meeting in Latina America, all dedicated to the worldwide Tourism. It is the top-notch place to see the latest innovations and discuss business strategies. On top of that, promote any type of product and service that is in the sector. We will love to help you find the right stand for you here.

Fit America Latina Stand

It already counts on its rich and deep history and having enough power to unite thousands of trade professionals all around the world. As it is considered an international and professional event, out of its four days, two are dedicated to internal business and the other two are dedicated to the public. Once more, it is one of the largest in the world, where you can see the expansion of tourism at a local level turn into global context.

Being a one-stop show, it has countless benefits all over the trade floor. If you are in the business, be sure to book a stand. Our specialists will help you get on the right track. As they will show you the best stand designers and builders in the area. Contact us and don´t miss out.

A successful track record shows that it is the best channel to enhance and promote tourism, both for those exhibitors offering new markets, destinations and services to thousands of professional visitors and the general public that run every year in a number continues to grow. Without a doubt, it provides you with all the right tools you need to drive your business even further.