Festival Metrópoli Gijón 2023

Feria de Asturias, Palacio Congresos Luis Adaro , Paseo Doctor Fleming 481
Gijon (ES)

Festival Metrópoli Gijón: the trade show

Festival Metrópoli is the Media Festival of Culture and Entertainment: ComicCon, music, cinema, TV, video games...

June 2014 Edition:

Market within the Festival Metrópoli Gijón (Festival Media de Cultura y Entretenimiento www.facebook.com/metropoligijon www.metropoligijon.com)There is room for all types of exhibitors, businesses, companies, shops, freelancers etc.

The Metropolis Market will have place in the Central Pavilion of the Luis Adaro Fairgrounds:


Within the Festival Media, Culture and Entertainment Metropoli Gijón and with location in the central pavilion of the FIDMA will be held a market during 10 days (from June 27 to July 6, both inclusive) from 5:00 p.m. to 23.30h from Monday to Friday and from 12:00h to 23:30h Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (the Monday 30 is a holiday, in total five days with this schedule).  Approximately 120 exhibitors that will be divided by zones according to the activity of the participants.

The idea is to transfer the essence of famous markets in the world to Festival.


The separation between exhibitors will be novel and the pavilion will be Divided into four marked areas, according to the type of exhibitor.




      · Conditions:


To apply for a position there are that meet the following conditions:




-Be a company or self-employed.









      · Registration:


For the process of Registration The following steps will be followed:


-Send request for Registration to the email suca@metropoligijon.com and a report for the project, attaching:


         -Name of company or exhibitor

         -Activity performed

         -Graphic information: website, social network, photos...


-Once the exhibitor has Registered participation will be valued.


-Metropolis Gijón will be put in Contact with the registrant in a period not exceeding seven calendar days.


-Once confirmed the Registration by both parties    will provide a map for you to select a plot within the Market, leaving A signal established and agreeing on the form of payment.


-You will be given all the Information about the event, although we will be available to registrants / exhibitors at any time to clarify doubts through the same email mentioned above.









      · Rates ( 10 days):


The 3x6 plot: From 350€+ VAT

The 6x6 plot: From 500€+ VAT

Rates are adequate on plan to the situation and visibility of the exhibitor and the measurements, Ask us about other measures.


The point will be charged separately Electric if it is needed in the plot itself and the expense of that point electric. The lighting, separation and general decoration of the pavilion, is included in the price.




For any questions please contact Contact us.



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