FELASA Congress 2025

Megaron Athens International Conference Centre , Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias and Kokkali 1
Athens (GR)

FELASA Congress: the trade show

The scientific programme consists in 6 streams:

Education and Training: this stream includes some sessions on animal user training, professional development (including a day focusing on animal technicians and caregivers), some deal with training delivery in practice, and how to make assessments a key part of a successful education scheme.

Reproducibility and Translation: this stream discusses animal research reporting and focuses on three aspects of the reproducibility conundrum: experimental design, genetic quality, and microbiota management.


Model Management: this stream details a wide range of key considerations for the development of a project: from 3Rs implementation including the termination of severe suffering and pain management, to adapting the animal facility to the latest technologies.

Defining Good Care: this stream presents the latest working groups’ recommendations to optimize husbandry and culture of care. Topics include capture, transport, health monitoring and euthanasia of various species like rodents, farm animals, NHP and aquatics.


Compliance and Communication: this stream tackles the high level challenges regarding legislation, openness and transparency, strength of ethics committees within institutions, LAS staff management, cooperation and 3Rs implementation.

Severity Classification: this stream is made of four half-day workshops on the classification and reporting severity, one workshop to train the trainees on severity, and one session focusing on the severity classification in aquatics.

The Scientific Committee looks forward to reviewing your abstracts!

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