Europort 2025

Ahoy Rotterdam , Ahoyweg 10
Rotterdam (NL)

Europort: the trade show

Europort  is the international maritime trade show most recognized in the Netherlands. At Europort professionals and representatives of leading maritime companies gather every two years, in Rotterdam. The trade show presents all sectors of shipbuilding industry: inland, sea shipping, naval, fishery, offshore, etc. Europort features: complex shipbuilding projects, patrol vessels, mega-yachts and high performance inland navigation vessels among others. Special attention is also paid to new shipbuilding techniques such as composite construction and preventive maintenance.

Europort editions

Europort 2025 From to Ahoy Rotterdam
Europort 2023 From to Ahoy Rotterdam
Europort 2021 From to Ahoy Rotterdam
Europort 2019 From to Ahoy Rotterdam

Europort is quickly sold out, book your stand for this leading maritime meeting spot

Europort is the international meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. It has a strong aim for the ships with a special purpose, this includes offshore vessels and vessels of all sorts. Containing huge success with more than 30,000 professional visitors and 1,100 exhibiting companies, Europort is without a doubt, the world's leading maritime meeting place.

Europort Rotterdam Booth

This show gets sold out in a matter of days, for this reason the capacity is being increased. And by doing so, it gives you more of a chance to book your stand. By doing so, you will increase your chances to be seen from all parts of the world and gain knowledge for future usage. Bring your own tools and supplies to Europort and show the world what you got. We would love to help you find the right kind of stand design you need.

Sharpen your opportunities and make new ones, as this is more than an ideal place to deal with all the sectors of the industry. Europort makes sure to cover sea-shipping, offshore, inland navigation, dredging, finishing, naval and even mega yachts. Anything that has to do with the sea, you can see it all here.