All About Energy is the largest renewable energy event in Latin America. This year it will celebrate its 9th anniversary and they have some novelties for us. Discover all you need to now for this amazing exhibition.

What's new for the next edition?

In its ninth edition, the largest renewable energy event in Latin America will take place within a wind farm in the New terminal Mucuripe Passenger Port, in the city of Fortaleza, capital of Ceará. A unique and privileged setting where the sun and good winds join with big names and companies in the sector to heat it and attract big business.

All About Energy Fortaleza

Why entrepreneurs should invest at Ceará?

  • Daliy solar incidence: 30.2º

  • Half speed of the winds: 30 km/h

  • One of the nearest points from Europe, USA and Africa

All About Energy Exhibition Area

The event schedule

  • Business rounds

  • Conferences

  • Presentation of scientific papers

  • Circuit P&D

  • Exhibition

All About Energy 2015

Why participate?

To enjoy the best opportunities according to the needs of your company or business.