Electro Install 2024

International Exhibition Centre , Ukraine, Kyiv, Brovarsky Ave, 15
Kiev (UA)

Electro Install: the trade show

International Trade Fair ELECTRO INSTALL: UNPARALLELED EXPOSITION AREA FOR MANUFACTURERS AND SUPPLIERS OF PRODUCTS - presentation of a wide range of low voltage products: circuit protection and switching devices, low‑voltage switchgears, voltage stabilizers and current regulators, low voltage cables, cable support systems, busducts, electric metering equipment, electrical wiring accessories, electrical installation products and materials; - demonstration of the element base of electronics, semiconductor and electronic devices, complex electronic systems, accessories, materials and equipment. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION PLATFORM FOR BUSINESS NETWORKING AND PARTICIPANTS AND VISITORS INTERACTION TARGET AUDIENCE - electrical design, engineering and installation, industrial and civil construction, electrical repair service companies; - housing and utilities, agriculture, other economic sectors companies; - companies of electrical, power engineering, instrumentation, machine, mining, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, railway, aerospace, metallurgy and other industries.

Electro Install editions

Electro Install 2024 From to International Exhibition Centre
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