What are the advantages of exhibiting at EAS Berlin?

EAS is the number one meeting place for the leisure, attractions, tourism and entertainment industry in Europe. It is the key marketplace for companies active in the market and offers a unique European business experience.

It is the key to an audience of 11,000 industry professionals to be part of this industry. Exhibiting at EAS doesn’t just mean having a booth, it means that you are part of a community of experienced professionals in these industries.

Can you give some tips for those exhibiting for the first time in Euro Attractions Show 2017?

First-time exhibitors will be listed separately in the EAS show guide in order for the EAS attendees to know about the presence of new exhibitors. A tip is to provide visibility of a diverse group of clients you can support.

Exhibitors who attend for the first time will be listed separately in order to give them more visibility

What is the visitor profile?

EAS attendees come from over 100 countries and operators attending have different kind of businesses: parks, water parks, animal attractions, museums, festivals, resorts, and more!

Lastly, can you give us some participation results from the last edition (EAS 2016)?

EAS 2016 in Barcelona was a great success with a total of 12,609 attendees, 8,665 of which were buyers.