DSEI London is all about getting the right audience for the international military staff, major procurement officials, and the entire industry supply chain, from large prime contractors to supplying companies. It has a proven track record of bringing the entire chain together to a new scale, as with each edition, they get higher and bigger.

Dsei London Exhibition Design

Official overseas delegation have gone up by 20% with each year,121 countries are represented overall and there are more than 1,500 global defense & security suppliers of all sizes exhibiting. In addition to all this, there are even more than 1,000 VIP is the audience as they improve the trade show's credit.

Without any of our hesitation, we believe that this is the right place for you to create relationships in the supply chain and where you can easily meet up with 1,500 suppliers. If you book a stand and expose your products and services, you are able to network even further than you think. As you will find the best kind of seminars, workshops and even raise the profile of your company by launches your own specialties.

As 75% of their audience is engaged in purchasing new products and services to help their company grow, allow yours to grow as well. Get in contact with us today and let us know your design needs. Our specialists will be happy to let you grow and know the best kind of stand builders and designers in the area and the right ones that fit your needs.