CPM Collection Premiere Moscow February 2024

Expocentre Moscow , Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya 14
Moscow (RU)

CPM Collection Premiere Moscow: the trade show

CPM Collection Première Moscow - International Trade Fair for women’s, men’s, kids’ wear, lingerie, accessories and Young Fashion. The ranges displayed by the exhibitors comprise and cover just about every fashion segment: womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, knitwear, leisurewear, leatherwear, fur fashion, Bridal/Cocktailwear, lingerie, body/beach and homewear as well as accessories.

CPM Collection Premiere Moscow editions

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CPM Collection Premiere Moscow February 2023 From to Expocentre Moscow
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CPM presents the best in fashion in the Eastern European Market

CPM (Collection Premier Moscow) is full of unrivaled fashion shows showing off the latest trends, specialized areas offering excellent seminars and cool talks on the most current themes in the fashion world. Presenting no less than 1,600 collections, its show floor is swarmed with international labels for woman's, men's and kid's apparel.

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Taking place twice a year, it is one of the most successful events in Eastern Europe. As its focused on the vastly growing market of fashion in this area, it is divided into every category possible, including accessories and new looks for the upcoming year. Launches of events take place in the next edition, such as CPM Fashion Night, the Russian Fashion Retail Forum intertwined with their very famous and informative seminars about lingerie.

As you explore all the benefits to get to your full potential at this elite trade show, be sure to check out their advertising materials are adaptable to every exhibitor's needs. Book your stand here today to be part of the best in the fashion industry in the Eastern European market.

Follow the latest trends, seminars and talks in the fashion world at CPM Collection Premiere Moscow

Follow the latest trends, seminars and talks in the fashion world at CPM Collection Premiere Moscow. Some of the highlights this show offers are 47 fashion runways which show 1,520 collections in total, informative seminars and the Russian Fashion Retail Forum. Show your brand here and be in the spotlight. Either by taking part of the many catwalks or by having your own stand in the amazing show floor.

Cmp Exhibition

By reaching us as soon as possible, your stand will be as classy and fashionable as the rest of the show. We want to help you show the best image your company. This expo is the largest fashion celebration in Eastern Europe, attracting shop owners, corporate executives, buyers and store managers. Hosted in Moscow twice a year, more than 19.250 visitors from 38 nations visit on a regular basis.

Featuring womens wear, mens wear, children’s wear, young fashion, knitwear, lingerie, beachwear and many more other fashion selections. The designer platform has extended itself all the way to the kids' section, promoting their own style in fashion with brands from around the world. You will just keep on finding more and more reasons to be part of the show.

CPM is the main gathering for the industry and business sectors in the Russian Market. Together, they push forward style and class expanding it all around the world. Always climbing to success, the many meetings that happen on the spot propel this sector to grow even further. Right from the Opening Ceremony, you will be enthralled by all the opportunities you can find here.

CPM is surely the biggest international fashion trade show in Eastern Europe!

Expocentre fairgrounds will hold again on February Collection Premiere Moscow to present international fashion trends in the Russian metropolis Moscow. If you are going to participate you have to know you will meet with approximately 700 international exhibitors. And to discover even more details about this amazing show, don't miss our interview with the Project Director, Mr Christian Kasch. Find out all the novelties and what's more important, some tips to make your exhibition a real success!

Last year CPM Celebrated its 25th year, will we find some novelties in February?

We celebrated the 25th edition of CPM last year. CPM was founded in 2003 so this February we will see the 26th edition. One novelty is that we could convince the famous Russian Designer Igor Chapurin to be the star of our opening ceremony. We will present more than 40 fashion shows on the catwalk, for example, Marc Cain, CPM Selected, Italian Kids Show and so forth. Supporting young designers we will have many designers in our program called Designer Pool.

Here you can also find the collections of the winners of the designer contests of ‘Admiralty Needle’ in St. Petersburg and ‘Russian Silhouette’ in Moscow. Another highlight will be the new section ‘Handmade in Russia’. Here you can find Russian designers, who are creating handmade accessories. Finally, the seminar program of our Russian Fashion Retail Forum is of high quality with well-known keynote speakers.

Exhibit At Collection Premiere Moscow

Who can attend CPM Moscow?

CPM is open for every fashion brand or their agents or distributors who would like to sell their collections to professional buyers. In addition, we do have many designers who are showing their latest collections to be ordered. Finally, there are many service companies and media who would like to introduce themselves to trade visitors.

For all those exhibitors who are going to participate at CPM for the first time, can you give them some tips? (some rules of the venue, customs of the region, how to act...)

Well, for international exhibitors it is better to have a representative in Russia, someone who is Russian speaking. For further items like terms of payment or delivery, we do offer special workshops and seminars in our Russian Fashion Retail Forum. Exhibitors, as well as visitors, can attend. For those companies that do not have an agent so far, CPM offers some extra tools to help to find them.

‘Wanted’ is a category on our website where exhibitors can announce that they are looking for an agent. Also, have the ‘Wanted-Newsletters’ with all information about the brands who do need an agent. And for all the brands that cannot afford to spend money on a big own booth in order to find a distributor, they can take part in our ‘Start-up’ booth. Here they can just show some outfits of the current collection in order to gain some contacts of the Russian market.

Cpm Moscow 2016

What benefits bring the show to the city in terms of economy and tourism?

CPM is surely the biggest international fashion trade show in Eastern Europe and we do have approx. 19.000 visitors. But you have to bear in mind that Moscow is a huge city with more than 13 million inhabitants. Never the less one has to take into consideration that all our staff and all international exhibitors will stay between 5 or 6 days in the hotels, go to restaurants every evening. The exhibition itself is very important for the owner of the fairground, Expocentre, and all the people that work there. Last but not least all the exhibitors are interested to invest in their business in Russia.

Alongside with the exhibition, you celebrate the Russian Fashion Retail Forum. Can you highlight for us a special seminar we can't miss?

The main theme of this edition of RFRF is ‘Essential Tools to improve Fashion Retail Management’. So one important session will be ‘What Russian Consumers will by in season A/W 2016/17? Trends in sales stimulant’. Another highlight will be the Fashion Trend Forum by our Fashion Director of Igedo Company who is the organizer of CPM.

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Give us, at least, three reasons why we can't miss this international meeting

  • CPM is the most important international fashion trade show in Eastern Europe
  • CPM is an information platform
  • CPM is a networking tool for the textile business in Russia
  • CPM is for everybody who works in the fashion business needs a platform to be up-to-date.
  • CPM is a marketplace to order new collections for the next season and to find new brands for the future.

Cpm To Be Held At Moscow

Finally, how was the participation in the last edition?

Despite the current economic and political situation CPM did quite well. We had a slight reduction in the number of visitors. But even now we will have approximately 950 collections from 32 countries coming to Moscow. There will be national pavilions form Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Tunisia.

I think there will be a lot to discover. My team and I are looking forward to welcoming our exhibitors and visitors. But I have to tell you that Russia is very important for all our exhibitors, still. And all of them believe in the big East European market and want to stay in touch with their buyers. They invest a lot of work and money to come twice a year. And we hope that also all buyers will come and use CPM to write their orders and do business.