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Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival: the trade show

Copenhagen Cooking is an annual event wich celebrates the nordic kitchen and other great culinary experiences. The festival is one of the largest food festivals in Northern Europe which presents more than 100 unique events in a friendly environment. 
This year Copenhagen Cooking has joined forces with the Food Organisation of Denmark with the aim of organise the festival together under a new banner: Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival.

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Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival: The Nordic gastronomic experience

F.O.O.D is an organization started to nurture and feed the interest in Nordic & Danish gastronomy, nature, agriculture and culinary culture. They are a nonprofit organization supported by Danish food producers and public funds.

We have had the opportunity to interview the organizers of the festival and talk about all the novelties and activities we will enjoy this year.

What makes the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival stand out from the crowd?

CCFF is a food festival that both shows how many fantastic gastronomic experiences Copenhagen has to offer in 2017 and how the city is cleverly made for being used by the public.

So you can experience a long table dinner right on one of the most beautiful Allés with 1200 people enjoying good food and good company, dinners in small boats at secret locations in the harbour and more than 100 exciting food events during the 10 days of the festival.

Last year, there was a great variety of events, pop-up restaurants, social dinners ... what new features would you highlight for this new edition?

This year’s most interesting feature will be the new festival centre. It will be open to everybody and entrance will be free. The location is just beside the popular food halls of Copenhagen called Torvehallerne.

At the festival centre, we aim to create great experiences and parties with food in focus. You can, for example, join a giant summer grill party arranged by the Danish Bocuse d’Or participant in 2017, Morten Falk, or taste the hotdogs made by some of the best chefs in the world, when they participate in Top Dog Charity.

Does this festival represent the Danish gastronomy and food culture?

The festival will give the guests an idea of how wonderful the gastronomic scene of Copenhagen is right now. It will show a wide pallet of the most interesting food trends in right now and how chefs keep on developing the Nordic kitchen.

Can you give us some tips for success in this event?

Exhibitors will be successful if they have the courage to create an event that is way beyond a normal dining experience. This year you can, for example, dine at a restaurant wearing Virtual Reality glasses that will abduct you to a dinner on a bounty island.

Tip for success: Offer an experience that no restaurants can give their customers every day. Create something special.

Can you give us some participation results from the latest edition?

Around 80,000 visited the festival last year, it was a huge success.

And the last but not the least. How to apply to exhibit or attend?

For applying to exhibit and attending you can do on the official website.