Ciff - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair January 2024

Bella Center , Center Boulevard 5
Copenhagen (DK)

Ciff - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair: the trade show

CIFF is organized by the "Federation of Danish Textile & Clothing and Bella Center A / S, the Federation of Textile & Clothing Danes and Bella Center A / S. CIFF, the International Fashion Fair in Copenhagen is the first fashion fair in Europe. It happens twice a year and features the collections Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer of different brands. The fair traditionally takes place in Bella Center, Copenhagen.

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Ciff - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair January 2024 From to Bella Center
Ciff - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair June 2023 From to Bella Center
Ciff - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair February 2023 From to Bella Center
Ciff - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair August 2022 From to Bella Center

Cool brands, special projects and the coming fashion trends at CIFF Spring/Summer!

CIFF, or what is the same, Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, is the leading and most innovative platform in northern Europe, which show carefully curated areas for premium brands: kids, raven, showrooms and more! The show takes place twice a year and soon will take place the Spring/Summer edition (August 10-12). So if you don't want to miss a detail about the coming trends to be shown at CIFF 2016, pay attention to our interview with the organizers of the fair.

Ciff Fashion Brands

CIFF is the first fashion fair in Europe. But, what makes it different from other similar events?

At CIFF we always strive to push the limits and innovate the way a traditional trade show is viewed in general. From our unique build-up to our special collaborations we introduce something new an fresh every season.

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

What represents CIFF for the annual calendar of the industry?

CIFF takes place in February and August and gives the buyers and visitors a good fundament to take their time with the brands they are interested in, which is something we get a lot of positive feedback on. The buyers and brands are able to build solid relationships and not rush through their buying and selling.

Ciff Exhibition In Copenhaguen

Can you give some tips for new exhibitors both in the show and in Copenhagen?

Basically, we always recommend to be yourself and think about what makes your space/appearance stand-out. It’s all about catching the buyers attention, storytelling and selling your collections. Copenhagen is very down-to-earth so everybody is easy to talk to and approach, which also is reflected in the nice vibe and atmosphere at CIFF.

Attend Ciff Fair In Copenhagen

What are the highlights of CIFF next edition?

This season we are once again jam-packed with so many great brands in every section of the fair, and we are looking forward to welcoming buyers and press to another vibrant and innovative fair. We have a lot of cool special projects once again, from Lulu Kennedy (Fashion East) curating two areas with talented brands, to BEAMS Japan hosting a cool space with 8 handpicked Japanese menswear brands.

Ciff Tradeshow

Give us some reasons to don't miss the show.

You should never miss a CIFF show! Besides all the very cool brands we have a signing, you shouldn’t miss the special project we have with Maja Weiss from Vetements, who will be doing something very different and out of the box.

Ciff Raven

Finally, give us some participation results from the last edition

When we wrapped the show in February we had a 10% increase of unique visitors and a 30% increase of buyers. Last season we had around 1400 brands participating at CIFF, incl. our permanent showrooms on 1st and 2nd floor.