CFOSE (India International Cycle, Fitness & Outdoor Sports Expo) 2024

Government College For Girls, Ludhiana ,
Ludhiana (IN)

CFOSE (India International Cycle, Fitness & Outdoor Sports Expo): the trade show

Growing demand for bicycle and components across the globe to ensure sufficient e-bikes and bicycles in the retail space urges components manufacturers in Asia to increase capacity. Considering this unprecedented demand prevailing in the country and across the globe, we take this opportunity to announce the 12th edition of India's No.1 Bicycle, Fitness, Sports & Electric Vehicle Exhibition, CFOSE which is scheduled for 1 - 3 October 2021 at Govt. College for Girls, Ludhiana, India. We are very confident that the forthcoming edition of CFOSE will further offer you a chance to discuss, collaborate and explore opportunities and move ahead. We at CFOSE will continue working with the industry and continue to emphasize the need for innovation, automation and digitalization with an objective to drive the Indian bicycle manufacturing sector through our trade show platforms.

CFOSE is growing & becoming more popular year after year in International Cycle, Fitness & Sports and Electric Vehicle industry. India is today a star on the global map for most businesses. With a booming ecomony and growing lifestyle segment, it is an emerging market for the premium lifestyle bikes. A recent report states that, annually, the premium & lifestyle segment in India is growing at a CAGR of over 30%. Cycling in India is fast evolving into a competitive, professional and leisure sport. The India bicycle industry has been changing rapidly and the popularity of the sport has been increasing consistently for the last decade. The number of young and serious cyclists in India has seen a huge spike in recent years.

As you would be aware that CFOSE was initially a B2B event but now we have strategies to make it more fruitful for our participants with B2C by activities of cycle Rides: Kids, professionals, Security Forces, women, Celebrity Endorsements, Cycling trick shows, Honoring National level achievers, Cultural Shows, body building competition & lot of outdoor sports activities. Round table discussion of health Experts, environmentalists, renewable energy experts, Product Launches, apart from bringing manufacturers, Dealers, Importers, buyers from all corners of world under one roof has always been our Strategy. We want Cycle, Fitness, Sports & Electric Vehicle industry to grow to its maximum potential.  

A rising number of cycling events and the emergence of numerous cycling clubs is projected to augment demand for geared and sports bicycles across the country in the coming years. Today, International bicycle manufacturers have begun to see India as a rising star, a potential market and have started entering the arena through collaborations with their Indian counterparts.

CFOSE 2021 estimated cover 4 lakh sq. feet area, by exhibiting advanced Cycle, E-vehicle, Fitness/sport equipment and accessory, Fitness and cycling gear, nutrition and supplements, club supplies and facility, smart health product, sport leisure products as well as the top Fitness training, latest products, trend and style.

CFOSE (India International Cycle, Fitness & Outdoor Sports Expo) editions

CFOSE (India International Cycle, Fitness & Outdoor Sports Expo) 2024 From to Government College For Girls, Ludhiana