CeramBath - China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan October 2023

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CeramBath - China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan: the trade show

China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan (CeramBath), is the top event in ceramic and bathroom industry in China and during the last years has become the name card of Foshan. As an export-oriented exhibition, CeramBath attracts buyers from home and abroad with its outstanding exhibition recourses and state-of-the-art products. And it has been regarded as the most prestigious and influential ceramic and bathroom exhibition in China. Every year, it attractas between 500 to 600 exhibitors, and has been successfully held for 18 sessions, which totally received over 800,000 visitors.

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Don't miss the International Networking Night at Cerambath 2017

Held in Foshan, Cerambath it's considered the most large-scale and influential ceramic and bathroom trade fair in China. That's the reason why some international brands attend every year the event and meet new contacts for future business. The 2017 edition of Cerambath it's coming with a lot of novelties, and we've been talking with them in order to know all the details!!

Cerambath is an international platform exclusively dedicated to ceramic and bathroom products, but...could you tell us what characteristics make it different from other similar events?

  • CeramBath attracts most exhibitors (about 750), covering the famous enterprises from big production areas in China.
    With most complete exhibit categories. Every year, the featured and latest products of the industry choose to launch at CeramBath.
  • CeramBath helps enterprises explore the domestic and oversea market, organizing professional buyers to the fair through traditional and new media channels.

What's the situation in the industry now? What are the consumer needs and the future expectations?

The production capacity increases every year, but increasing rate begins to lower down. According to official data, till October 2016, China’s ceramic tile production reached 9.065 billion sqm, up 1.6%; there are totally 360 sanitaryware enterprises above-designated size, with the production of 165 million pieces, down 2.7%

The export volume of China’s ceramic tile is 867 million sqm, down 7.6%, with an export value of 4.6 billion dollars, down 27.4%; The export volume of China’s sanitaryware is 59.7 million pieces, down 8.5%; with an export value of 2.31 billion dollars, down 34.4%. There are totally 1777 ceramic & sanitaryware enterprises above designated size, with main business revenue up 3% and a profit ratio of sales up 0.1%.

Different from fast retailing industry, the biggest buyer of China ceramic industry is a distributor, to whom, new product and featured product are what they need. With the improvement of consumption level, consumers at basic level demand more on products’ individuality. Customized products and space collocation will be the trends.

On the same line...What are the coming trends in the industry?Is there any star product?

The industry develops steadily, with small growth. There are various products in the fair. Hot products include marble tile, rustic tile, cement tile, soft light tile, etc.

What can you highlight from the 2017 edition? What is going to be the novelties?

2017 is a key year for China to implement supply-side structural reform. Many industries in China meet the same problem: middle & low-end products are surplus, while high-end products are in shortage. The supply-side reform aims to improve product quality.

Influenced by both supply-side reform and environmental protection policies, the ceramic industry is required to reduce capacity. After adjustment, the ceramic enterprises will produce more stable products with higher quality and higher price.

As the market vane of China ceramics & sanitaryware industry, CeramBath gathers exhibitors with rational capacity, good quality products and stable development. This will help buyers find better partners.

 There will be high-end forums and other events for close communication between exhibitors and buyers. The 2nd China Ceramic & Bathroom Regional Summit aims to strengthen the close cooperation between every production area and together discussing future development. Excellent Exhibitor Awards brings more public attention to the fair.

The 29th CeramBath will enhance the interaction between buyers and exhibitors. Visit delegations include Korean delegation, Hong Kong Interior Designers delegation, Foshan Ceramic Appreciation delegation, etc. CeramBath International Networking Night provides an opportunity for enterprises to carry on deep communication.

More humanized fair services. Since the 29th CeramBath, old visitors can realize One Key Registration; Visiting Group with over 10 visitors may apply for Group Registration; Visitors who finish online registration before March 31st will directly upgrade to fair members and enjoy member benefits.

This exhibition brings the opportunity to meet powerful brands and discover new products in a technologically advanced country like China...Could you give us some advice to make business in Cerambath and also in China?

  • Choose a good platform (for example China Ceramics City and China Ceramics Industry Headquarters) to set up office or showroom.
  • Advertise at media with big influence
  • Create featured products and service.
  • Hold one to two creative Investment Conferences.

Do you recommend us an activity in particular?

CeramBath International Networking Night: Aiming at building direct communication bridge among buyers worldwide and rewarding buyers’ support, the 6th International Networking Night during CeramBath will be held at China Ceramics City on April 19, 2017.

Along with dinner buffet and amazing shows, there will be a lucky draw. Lucky winners will go home with amazing presents! Most importantly, do not miss out on this great opportunity to extend your professional networking of ceramic business, exchange information, and talk about business in a relaxing atmosphere.

Why exhibit (or organize an exhibition) in Foshan?

With apparent geographical advantage. Foshan is the headstream of China building ceramics and sanitaryware, with most complete Upstream and downstream industry chains. After years of development, Foshan has become the biggest import & export base in China building ceramics & sanitaryware industry.

CeramBath is the best platform with most intensive industry information and highest media attention, where buyers could get brand and product info. Exhibiting at CeramBath can help enterprises enhance brand awareness and open market at home and abroad.

Exhibiting at CeramBath can see the latest technology, newest product and up-to-date marketing modes, facilitating the communications between peers.

Exhibiting at CeramBath can get more intentional buyers and make business quickly.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics needed by an exhibitor to have success in Cerambath?

  • An exhibitor should be provided with featured products and show their characteristics and advantages to professional buyers accordingly.
  • The exhibitor should take innovative marketing mode, attracting professional buyers among various brands.
  • The exhibitor should make good use of the official promotion channels (newspaper and new media, etc) of the fair organizer, and actively join the events held by the organizer so that the exhibitor info could be delivered effectively to professional buyers.

Lastly/finally, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

  • 754 exhibitors
  • Domestic brands included Dongpeng, NABEL, Arrow, Marco Polo, SSWW, Sanfi, BODE, etc
  • International brands like PORCELANOSA, MARAZZI, White Horse, ICC and Grohe from Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, America, Germany and Japan.
  • Total passenger flow of 48526 from home and abroad
  • International visitors accounted for a steady 10.6% of the total