Breakbulk brings in a great program that is filled with critical updates and in-depth discussions on the changing landscapes in South America. You will be guaranteed the right kind of information to meet with this region’s challenges head first and also find better ways to capitalize your opportunities. The leading brands all take part in this expo to address the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics.

Breakbulk South America

Even though there already has been complicated regulations that have been bringing the economy down, there are many ways to improve this outcome. As in today, logistics providers and shippers who do business in Brazil and other South American countries face barriers to successfully move this cargo. Bringing together key sectors — EPCs, ports, forwarders, transporters and others involved in the region — this is a must-attend event for breakbulk and project cargo statisticians.

The exhibition floor will offer a multitude of networking opportunities throughout the event, including hosted coffees, luncheons and evening reception. Two days of executive presentations will be held to better understand the challenges of moving cargo through throughout South America. An additional two days of workshops will be available to individuals seeking to build their project cargo management skills and master handling heavy-lift cargoes.

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