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BreakBulk Europe: the trade show

Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition & educational forum in the globe addressing the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics professionals.  Breakbulk Europe’s targeted programming will ensure that you develop skills and strategy to help you do your job more effectively.

The BreakBulk Expo presentations will address the strategic needs of today’s traditional breakbulk and project cargo industry logistics professionals.

Visit the Breakbulk Europe Exhibition to network and connect with over 300 exhibitors and sponsors that provide specialized services. Exhibitors and sponsors include, among other: 

  • specialized ocean carriers
  • freight forwarders
  • ports and terminals
  • logistics providers
  • ground transportation
  • heavy air
  • export packers
  • equipment companies and more

BreakBulk Europe editions

BreakBulk Europe 2024 From to Ahoy Rotterdam
BreakBulk Europe 2023 From to Ahoy Rotterdam
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Breakbulk Events & Media will be celebrating its 10th anniversary for Breakbulk Europe in Antwerp

Breakbulk Events & Media will be celebrating its 10th anniversary for Breakbulk Europe in Antwerp, Belgium. From the start in 2006, the response from European shippers, carriers and logistics professionals and other transport specialists has been enormous.

Breakbulk Europe In Antwerp

The novelties for 2015 edition

This year, we are expecting upwards of 6,800 attendees. We will feature the following experts who will speak on the issues impacting our industry:

The Shipping Market and Its Drivers in the Global Economy

  • Niklas Bengtsson, Director, maritime-insight

Breakbulk Europe Exhibition

Meeting Anti-Bribery Standards in the Project Cargo Industry

  • Alexandra Wrage, President, TRACE International

Celebrating the First Decade — Breakbulk Europe’s Tenth Anniversary

  • Albert Pegg, Senior Advisor – Marketing, Promotion & Commercial Relations, Antwerp Port Authority
  • Edouard F Dekkers, President, Dekkers International Inc.
  • Jean-Jacques Westerlund, Director, Taste-Westerlund

Breakbulk 2015

Benefiting From The Middle East’s Drive to Diversify

  • Teresa Lehovd, Head of Market Intelligence, Planning and Strategy, Hoegh Autoliners

Project Cargo Case Study — Running the Wisla River

  • Odile Dehu, Logistics Project Manager, GE Power Generation Product Customer Projects
  • Maciej Malinowski, Project Manager, Instar
  • Hendrik Wagner, Director Engineering, Instar

Breakbulk Belgium

Global Maritime Risks 2015: Moving Beyond Piracy

  • Sebastian Villyn, Maritime Risk Analyst, Control Risks

Why attend Breakbulk Europe 2015?

Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition and educational forum in the world addressing the needs of breakbulk and project cargo professionals, which translates into unparalleled networking opportunities. Companies at every point in the supply chain can gain attention from potential customers at this event. Attendees can meet with over 300 exhibitors to find the services necessary for the successful transport of project cargo.

Breakbulk Europe will also provide the single largest gathering of Breakbulk VIP Shipper Club members, executives representing cargo owners and EPCs, the source of business for freight forwarders, heavy haulers and others in the supply chain.

Further, the two-day conference offers a roadmap for breakbulk business - industry and economic forecasts, how to minimize risks, lessons learned from a complex inland waterway transport and how to identify and seize opportunities ahead.

Breakbulk Europe 2014

Then and now

  • 2006: 300 was the expected attendance and 861 was the real attendance

  • On May 2015 edition: 331 exhibitors and sponsors will represent 47 countries

  • 2006 attendance: 861

  • 2014 attendance: 6,300

  • ^ 731% (2006-2014)

  • 16 is the number of exhibitors that have been with us sunce the beginning

Breakbulk Growing

Breakbulk Europe Tradeshow In Belgium

Paving the way as the largest exhibition of its kind, come to BreakBulk Europe

BreakBulk Europe is a great forum that addresses the needs of traditional breakbulk and targets the cargo logistics for professionals. Paving the way by being the largest exhibition and educational forum of its kind, it makes sure that each attendee develops the skills and strategy they need to help do their job in the most practical way possible.

Breakbulk Europe Booth

As you visit this trade show, you are able to network and connect with the 300 exhibitors and sponsors. All of them are specialized in different areas that will only help you find exactly what you are looking for. Over 6,500 participants attend on a regular basis to learn new skills in the educational workshops and hear advice from industry experts.

Breakbulk Europe Exhibition Design

Participants have the opportunity to learn about the current challenges the business faces and solutions towards each of them. They can also listen in to the various seminars to find out about operations and distribution management from around the world. Start sourcing your products right here and get the inside look into of the industry!