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BLICKFANG Wien: the trade show

Buy something special, get inspired and discover new! And all this directly from the designer. This makes the special charm to the eye-catcher. Designers from the fields of furniture, fashion and jewelery show their latest products and are interested visitors and answer questions. It gives the visitor a unique opportunity to learn the story behind the product and to buy directly from this favor.Rounding out the visit of blickfangselected blickfang by an extensive supporting program such as the special exhibition or blickfang locals, the award of the eye-catching design award and an exciting focal point lecture forum .

BLICKFANG Wien editions

BLICKFANG Wien 2024 From to MAK - Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst
BLICKFANG Wien 2023 From to MAK - Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst
BLICKFANG Wien 2022 From to MAK - Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst
BLICKFANG Wien 2021 From to MAK - Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst

BLICKFANG Wien, a design trade show for up and coming design!

Blickfang is the international design trade show held in different German cities: Stuttgart, München, Basel, Zürich, Hamburg and Wien. The idea of the show is to present the latest and exciting products from different facets of lifestyle like jewellery, fashion, accessories and interior design and gathering the professionals of those fields under the same roof in an inspiring environment. Wien's edition will take place on October and we've been talking with organisers to learn more about this show and especially to discover all the novelties we can find on the fairground.

Blickfang Wien Exhibition Area

What are the novelties of the next edition?

blickfang is a design trade show for up and coming design. Since independent designers present and sell their work, you can be sure to find furniture, fashion and jewelry ideas you have never seen before – such as an foldable shelf (by Joval), watches and sunglasses made from wood and stone (Kerbholz) or a movable chair inspired by the human spine (Studio Rene Siebum). Since the fair makers are keen to inspire the visitors, special shows such as “Gentleman’ essentials presented by MINI”, “dutch design special show” or the “Vöslauer Urban Gardening Corner” promote new and high class gadgets for your daily live. And for the first time ever, a late night shopping event on Friday evening will welcome you with free drinks and a DJ.

Exhibit At Blickfang Wien

3 reasons to visit BLICKFANG Wien

  1. Meet the designer: The exhibitors from blickfang Vienna are based in 14 countries. Nevertheless, they have to be there in person to explain, promote and sell their designs. Talking to the designer, the visitors will find out aspects you never took into consideration – your new chair, dress or broche will become something very special.
  2. Hand-picked design: The designers can’t simply join blickfang, they have to apply for a booth. An expert panel is selecting the exhibitors. You can be sure that the things you buy have been approved in aspects of quality, esthetics and innovation.
  3. Discover and buy unique pieces: Since blickfang is a platform for independent design, you will find labels and products that none of your friend knows yet. The design are manufactured in small quantities only – and you can find about every detail of the design and production process, since the maker is right there to answer any question.

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What I have to know to exhibit in Wien (some specific rules in venues, taxes...)?

If you want to directly sell your design with an annual volume of more than 35.000 Euros in Austria, you have to be registered with an Austrian VAT No.. You can avoid the registration by signing purchase contracts at the fair and shipping your products from your home country when you return. Special rules apply for jewelry designers.

Blickfang Wien 2015

Benefits to exhibit here?

blickfang is made by design enthusiasts for almost 25 years now. With all their experience and enthusiasm, the fair makers put all their efforts in providing the perfect settings – starting from the most inspiring location over 160.000 Euros worth of advertisement up to professional press work that puts the designer first. Furthermore, you can connect within the design scene – and you will meet more than 11.000 design lovers that want to purchase high quality design right from the spot.

Blickfang Wien Trade Show

What benefits brings BLICKFANG Wien to the city?

With 12 years history blickfang Vienna is Austria’s first design trade show. It sparked the awareness for design within the market – that’s why entire city quarters such as the 7. Bezirk are hosting small and independent design boutiques today, and inspiring design festivals such as the Vienna design week could develop themselves.

What is the visitors profile?

Todays consumer is discriminating and critical; in a world of global brands and uniform offers he is looking for something unique, individual and storytelling. That’s why he’s visiting blickfang. The blickfang core target group is aged between 26 and 45; it’s an international audience with a strong brand awareness. 80% of the blickfang visitors have monthly between 3.600 € and 13.500 € at one´s disposal; 65% of the visitors have a university degree.

Stand Builders In Wien

Some participation results from the last edition

  • blickfang is an amazing opportunity to test the consumer’s reaction to your designs and your pricing. At the same time, blickfang is a strong tool to promote your brand within the market.” Jonas Schröder, Joval
  • blickfang is a great event with a beautiful setting that well deserves it’s huge prestige since the exhibitor quality is very high. The visitors are very interested and well-funded, the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed.” Gabriele Lechner, Mondschein
  • We made some exiting new contacts to journalists and within the design scene which offer entirely new opportunities. The visitors loved our label, the feedback was very good.” John Mörth, Wild Degrees